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On 08/01/2019 at 14:27, petrolgirls said:


Worth pointing out that switch is only HDMI 1.4 - fine for 1080p but 8bit only at 4K. 


I'll use mine in the games room with the older non-4K consoles, and probably move my 2015 sammy 4K non-HDR tv there with it.


or I'll send it back.

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I love these threads. I need a new entertainment unit and have been looking through this thread for inspiration, I'm also hoping to have my own place from August so looking for design tips for other rooms other than the one I'll be gaming in. 


Any other recommendations for threads like this? I've been looking through the ones on Resetera, Neogaf, and borders down. There used to be a great setups thread on avforums but I can't seem to find it now. 

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Her parents house is even crazier.


I love the place and it's the same price to rent as a large one bed or small two bed condominium.


High ceilings, an actual garden and patio which is unheard of in SG and we are basically in the jungle. It's one of the old officers barracks from when the British were here. Locals hate it because of how exposed it is. Not sure why people love the Air conditioned condo living so much. I hate it.



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On 23/06/2019 at 17:22, Matthew Kenyon said:

Not been on here for a while but recently moved the gaming setup. 

90% complete just calibrating the gear and plugin units in. 

Wife obsessed with reality TV so had to move it all to get time on the telly — hardly played anything but handheld switch for three months.


I CAN close the windows for light — but couldn't really put a projector in a bright room (but nearly did). 


Game on :)



I would just be looking at the view out of the windows all evening. Sod the A/V gear.

(Trying to sell my pad and buy a place in the country at the moment, but it's not a seller's market...)

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1 hour ago, Strafe said:

New 65” Sony AG9, ATMOS soundbar and the stand I got from a company called Optimum Project, which I love to bits.


Various consoles tucked away in said stand, though may have to move my Switch on top as the clearance level ain’t great.


I like the simplicity/tidiness, but what's the sphere with legs, a subwoofer for the soundbar? 

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23 minutes ago, Flockheart said:

I like the simplicity/tidiness, but what's the sphere with legs, a subwoofer for the soundbar? 


That’s a separate speaker, a bang Olufsen A9.


The sub is out of shot on the right of the sofa, where the pic was taken from, if that makes sense.

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58 minutes ago, moosegrinder said:

This has been our set up for a few years now. We have settees at right angles to each other because I was sick of sitting in the loft room while she was in the front room.  


Old Panny plasma on the right, I forget what model. Sony bravia is mine but it's not 4k. I don't care enough to buy a new one. Both have Xbox One X's but only I have a slim PS4. Switch is docked behind the TV. And a SNES Mini which handy been turned on since I flashed it.


Some old 5.1 dvd surround nonsense for her, JBL monitors plugged into a cheap arsed stereo unit that's supposed to be for cars for me. I've been meaning to get the cables run under the middle of the table for a very long time but unplugging everything doesn't appeal, to be honest.


When she's watching TV I use a headset or play something that means I can semi watch what's on. Been playing Dragon Quest Builders 2 while watching Manifest. Both are alright.



Lol I would never get away with that!!


I have a gaming laptop and my Switch for lets be in the same room but doing completely different things evenings...although missy hates me wearing headphones 

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2 minutes ago, Hylian said:

@moosegrinderis it not insanely distracting with the other TV in your field of view? I guess it works for you. That looks like it would drive me mad to be honest.


It isn't, which surprised me because I had the same concern when we first tried it. But neither of us find it distracting.

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10 minutes ago, footle said:

Um, yeah, I don’t think I’d let my wife get away with that - let alone her let me get away with it. 



I mean a TV with a window directly behind it and no curtains?


Oh there are curtains, buy we have fitted blinds so they're just decorative. I hate windows without curtains.

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9 minutes ago, footle said:


I mean a TV with a window directly behind it and no curtains?

This. The horror, the horror. My wife sometimes calls my mancave 'the vampire cave' because she finds it amusing/weird that I've installed a double layer of sun blocking curtains on the windows. Those curtains are always closed. Always. My consoles have never seen sunlight and they never will!

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