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11 hours ago, Doctor Shark said:

Moved house in November from a three bed semi to a five bed detached. Was originally looking for a four bed to turn one into a study/office for my wife and I, but we found this five bed going for a bargain that had a study as well. My wife converted one of the bedrooms into her office and I converted the study into a games room. My wife has been extremely accommodating, even buying the desk for me for Christmas. Mostly I think she was glad all my geeky stuff was no longer in the living room!


Anyway, some pics. I've stuck them in spoiler tags as there's a few of them:


Here's the main entertainment centre. LG C9 OLED 65" and Samsung soundbar. Got my Xbox One X, PS4 Pro and Switch hooked up, but also took the opportunity to display my old consoles, instead of them sitting in a box in the loft. None are hooked up. Really need to do some cable management, it's a mess back there. Hard to get a decent angle on the shot as the room is long and narrow.


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My desk. It's actually an Ikea kitchen counter top on top of two Ikea units, one a cupboard, the other a set of drawers. Nice and big, nice and sturdy with plenty of space. I generally try to keep it relatively clear but that's become harder since I'm not spending most days working from it. I need a new chair,  currently using one from the dining room.

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My unit full of movie and game artbooks, statues and collectables. 

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My guitars! Old Yamaha Eterna from 1996 that cost about £90 and my new Fender CD60S acoustic.

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My replica sword! This is Anduril, Aragorn's sword from Lord of the Rings, a birthday present from my wife this year. It's not sharp, but it's bloody heavy.

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My games unit. I'm almost completely digital these days, but I like having all the old ones on display.

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Speaking of old ones, my mom found a load of my old PC games in their wonderful massive boxes last summer and I put them on show in this unit here.

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Really pleased with how it all came together. It's nice having my own space; in our old house the only room we could really use was the living room which meant we were all always on top of each other and most of this stuff was in the loft, so it's cool that I've got somewhere to come chill. 

I'm not sure you could have a more stereotypically nerdy room if you tried, Terry Pratchet books and all. To the point where I'm fairly sure that sword was the one they had on the wall in The Big Bang Theory.


I'm jealous, I love it.

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On 23/04/2020 at 10:53, HarryBizzle said:

I really like that Batman: The Animated Series style Spider-Man poster. Is that from a comic/animation or is it just a one off piece of art?

I have the same one in my games room. My wife got it from Amazon.

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3 minutes ago, phillv85 said:

Nice, it’s one I’ll keep my eye out for.


Also recommend ports..


Rolling thunder

Turtles arcade game 

Metro cross

Kid Niki Radical Ninja



There are a ton and you may well know them.....loads of effort went into the ports I've played.

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2 minutes ago, RastanSaga said:


You can borrow mine after I finish it if you don't mind waiting or have to own it :)

That’s a very kind offer! I may take you up on it, otherwise I’ll keep my eye out on Yahoo auctions for it, I bet it can be had for a few quid on there.

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2 minutes ago, phillv85 said:

That’s a very kind offer! I may take you up on it, otherwise I’ll keep my eye out on Yahoo auctions for it, I bet it can be had for a few quid on there.


I think I paid around £12 off eBay.

I'll give you a shout when I complete it as I'll be playing it again later.


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