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kerraig UK

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3 hours ago, Jamie John said:

Apologies for the dodgy panorama (the floors and furniture are straight in real life, honest), but here's my cosy man cave. I bloody loves it, I does:




The TV is connected to the PC via a 7.5m HDMI cable which I've run around the room above the skirting board. There's a Switch and PS4 Pro underneath/behind the telly, too, but I can't say either has seen much use recently since I built my PC. The office chair is a used Human Scale Liberty, while the outrageously comfortable leather armchair I inherited from my dear old Nan. The footstool is an Ikea jobbie that I bought today and it's bloody great - only £50, too.


Hopefully I'll be upgrading from the 42" LED TV I have currently to a 55" OLED before the year is out, which I'll then likely mount on the wall. I also want to eventually get a curved ultrawide monitor and some new PC speakers, or maybe a soundbar. The TV unit and book case I want to replace with the wood/metal style of furniture that the desk's made from, so that it all matches up nicely, but the OLED is definitely the priority.


Still, I'm very happy with it for now!

Image not working for me on that one.

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8 minutes ago, strider said:

I love how we're clearly all getting to an age where comfortable looking sofas are just as exciting as the set-ups we're showing off :lol:


Too bloody right! The chair in my room currently is the fourth I've had in five years, following my perennial quest for a truly comfy chair. A good footstool, at the right height, with the right amount of cushioning, is also a must.

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15 minutes ago, Fletch said:

My setup currently looks like this, Switch on the right and the Wii U on the left, PS4 in the cabinet which doesn't have nearly enough ventilation so have to open the front when playing on that. 


The cabinet was an old dressing table which was being sold in my local Lions Club in their Saturday furniture sale, my wife liked it so much she sat by it for 2 hours in the cold just so she could buy it at 9 when they opened. We then had a furniture maker we know to repurpose it to work as a TV unit. 


Since the PS4s arrival the xbox has replaced the PS3 upstairs. 





Norfolk And .. Chance?

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