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kerraig UK

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15 minutes ago, Fletch said:

My setup currently looks like this, Switch on the right and the Wii U on the left, PS4 in the cabinet which doesn't have nearly enough ventilation so have to open the front when playing on that. 


The cabinet was an old dressing table which was being sold in my local Lions Club in their Saturday furniture sale, my wife liked it so much she sat by it for 2 hours in the cold just so she could buy it at 9 when they opened. We then had a furniture maker we know to repurpose it to work as a TV unit. 


Since the PS4s arrival the xbox has replaced the PS3 upstairs. 





Norfolk And .. Chance?

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@womble9, ah thanks.


It's been an evolving project.  We only picked the legs so we could put the fucking printer somewhere (I hate owning one, they're a nightmare).


Earlier this week I added the Audio Engine speakers (they're ace) and I added the lighting today (it's a bit bright in this photo, I've lowered the brightness now).  I wanted the warm hue rather than the cooler blue lots of people go for.


I've managed to get external hard drives secured on the bottom of the desk and have applied cable management and cable ties with extreme prejudice.


I super recommend spending a bit of time on your home office/gaming space.  We aren't going back anywhere near to normal this year, so invest a bit of time making yours a little oasis of calm and comfort.



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44 minutes ago, HarryBizzle said:

Do the backlights make using your set up more enjoyable? I’ve wondered about getting some but already have a desk lamp and thought it might serve no purpose other than making photos of my desk look a bit nicer. 


Day 1 of usage, so hard to tell.


I've been looking at warm toned, contemporary desk lamps but I don't have enough room really.  I saw these on Amazon (they're Philips ones) and thought I'd take a punt.  They make the screen less harsh I'd say, but those seeking HDR contrast may be less keen on that effect.  And because the wall is white, they reflect light back onto the table quite nicely.


They make the bottom/under the desk softly illuminated which makes it look more approachable.


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45 minutes ago, Wiper said:

Apologies in advance for the lack of cable management or regularity to the layout (the off-centre N64 in particular is upsetting me) — this was a quick dry run, as I should be imminently moving house, but wanted to get some idea of how I'd want to arrange things in advance; new tv stand and recent switch from hifi speakers to a chunky soundbar meant a bit of rearranging was in order.


Except for the Series X, which continues to sit in the corner and think about what it's done, of course.




I may invest in an LED strip to attach below the top shelf, as except for the Xbox the lower devices don't exactly 'pop' (alas that I have few light shaded consoles). The poor old PS3 more or less melts entirely into shadow!

Nice 3DS XL Dock. I had to get mine from eBay. Assuming that’s an official one they’re worth a few quid these days.

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Ta, though it's not a 3DS XL! That's a standard sized New 3DS and official dock;. I did have a 3DS XL and official dock (both blue) before that, but sold them when I upgraded to the N3DS.

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On 28/09/2021 at 22:13, Jazz Glands said:

We recently moved into a place which has a tiny little basement downstairs that had previously been used as a storage/utility room. Figured instead of ending up as the inevitable dumping ground, I’d make the most of the generous supply of plug sockets available and use it as a little retro gaming nook :) 


Before -




Now -



CRT on the right is a B&O MX 4000 I picked up recently to replace my dead Trinitron and has the deinterlacing feature for 480i games. The monitor on the left is on a rotating stand for Tate shoot em up goodness :)


Upstairs under the main TV is my PS5, Switch and Xbox X plus my minis and Shield TV for emulation on the big screen.



Multicade in the spare room alongside the bulk of my games, aside from MD, SF and SMS which are all downstairs with the retro set up :) 




This is so good. 

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1 minute ago, Bucky said:

I keep adding to it and I'm turning into a mentalist.


For the love of God, if you're struggling avoid the Battlestations thread in Reddit.



Do you rate those speakers? I keep seeing them popping up. They're very cute.


Also, how come you've got a Series S with a PC?


Very nice set up, btw. Super clean!

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