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All The Old Tournament Threads Mutated

Distinct muttering

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Also I hope you load of randoms don't think that you can go around telling me what tactics we should be using! I want to have FUN!! and FUN means no tactics :lol:

Actually on second thoughts winning is all that matters so please scream tactics at me. :)

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We also need a team name!!

When can everyone be on Live together next?

Team 666 !!!


I can be on tonight, half seven ish?. I warn you all now, i'm not on that much. I live with my chick so I can't go on as much as i'd like. She works late til 9ish every wednesday though, so that's always a good day for me...

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Team 1 will be full of rubbish arguements but we will win over with our smooth gameplay. Oh yes.

Not really. I've played with all of the guys in my team, except Ada1188, and I'm sure we'll all get on well enough :lol:

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Right. There's not much we can do at this stage till Syntax manages to get fixtures together. So for now I envisage we can do the following:

1) play on Live! together to and see how we fair, like/ dislike, etc.

2) nominate a captain and 2nd in command

3) come up with a suitable team name

I can be on for an hour tonight if anyone fancies some action. Perhaps other teams would be willing to play friendlies so we can all familiarise ourselves with the new maps and gametypes.

Opinions appreciated - if you agree/ disagree please say! :lol:

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