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All The Old Tournament Threads Mutated

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already have, no replies yet though.

if nobody responds, i'll just grab someone at random from my friends list tonight.

if that's cool, obviously?

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Team 5 beat Team 4

Good games all around and all quite close. Managed to finish with a final last ditch effort bomb plant on Zanzibar which meant we didn't have to endure Team Ball on Colloseus

Multi flag CTF - Sanctuary TEAM 5

Crazy King - Turf TEAM 5

Team Slayer - Lockout TEAM 4

Single Bomb Assault - Zanzibar TEAM 5

Final score 3-1

Cheers fellas


We* softened em up before you lot played 'em.

*Myself, Tyler, tbb and wolf B)

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Its Dead or Alive night tonight. :ph34r:

And yet you joined us... :wub:

The connections were fine last night, weren't they? Except for Ben naturally. He kept moaning about being stuck from nowhere...the n00b. :D

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morning team.

just want to say i'm sorry about last night. my fucking crappy internet connection is down at home, so not only could i not get on live but i couldn't get on here to let anybody know.

i think i'll go and pick up a new router at lunch and see if that sorts things out. it's been a bit dodgy since i got it.

anyway, once again i can only apologise - even though it was the cause of something beyond my control.

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