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Omg Teh Dust3


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fucking sweet!

I'll get that and get it thrown on the server.

if we got our act together we could set the server to rotate this map only for the day. It would be a good way to get loads of new blood on the server.

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Well what did you expect, clowns and pixies?  :angry:

I dunno, maybe the occational whitewash building? Less archways.

Always with the adobe, already!

Sorry, maybe I'm just finding it insensitive to always be concentrating on the whole "desert" vibe in CS:S considering the continued occupation of Iraq, and the less than veiled threads towards Iran and Syria.

Where are the N.Korea maps? And what about a Mogadishu one?

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If not, it'll probably be given a proper Steam release sooner or later, surely? Does the guy who made this work at Valve with the rest of the original CS team? Even if he doesn't, I mean, it's the Dust guy...

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I'd imagine it must count as custom map.

Interestingly it's actually called DUST_PCG. Guesswork over at PCG forums is that it hasn't been named Dust3 in case Valve decide they want to release an official 'Dust3'.

Here's what Craig Pearson (PCG journo) has to say:

Yo, here's a wee press release.


The legendary Dust series continues - exclusively in the new issue of PC Gamer

The June issue of PC Gamer, on sale from this Thursday (12 May), features a must-have exclusive for any Counter-Strike fan - a brand new Dust map by renowned mapper Dave Johnston.

His previous creations Dust and Dust 2 are not just the most played maps on Counter-Strike servers, they're probably the most popular maps in online gaming. The third map in the series has been created exclusively by Dave Johnston for PC Gamer, his first for Counter-Strike Source.

Dust_PCG has the all the hallmarks of the previous maps with a few surprises thrown in. With full bot support, gamers will also be able to enjoy the map offline.

The June issue will not only give gamers the first opportunity to play the new creation, it will also give would-be mappers the chance to create their own version with the first part of a CS Source mapping tutorial by Dave.

The map is available on both the CD and DVD editions of the magazine.

Screens here:



DaveJ called it Dust_PCG, not us. The Dust series is his, so he gets to call the shots there (to be fair to him, we never gave him any instructions so he just wnet with what he felt was necessary). The first version he gave us had PCG banners at the spawn - we begged him to take them off.

I'd imagine it will be appearing on servers from this today onward - subscribers will have been receiving the mag at any time over the last few days.

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As far as I'm aware, yes - until some bright sparks pops it onto an FTP server or the map cycle of a server. I will be buying the mag when it appears on my local newsagent's shelf - so would happily pass the file to whoever has somewhere they can host the file from for downloads.

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