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Jools Holland


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Brill! More TV that is actually good rather than being unbelievably boring shite. Like the new Will and Grace series.

Personally I'm sort of interested to see what Athlete are like live, although I guess they'll be forced to play the now quite boring song 'Wires'.

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usual mix of interesting/boring guff from Holland again.

Percy Plant was good though, quite astounding that he still sounds as loud and raw today as he did 30 years ago. The Go! Team were disappointing and not as rousing, energetic and enjoyable as they were when i saw them in February - probably something to do with the shit, cavernous sound in that studio. Athlete were fucking woeful and should ideally be put in a battered Transit van, set on fire and rolled off a cliff.

nice to see Mark E Smith at his sneering best.


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Yeah was it the same singer as on the album?  The first performance was piss poor but the second was a bit better though

Isn't the album all samples? I don't know. But when she 'sang' the bits that clearly were samples it was awful.

I want to see The Avalanches live.

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