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Will Quentin Tarantino Breath New Life


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Madsen always strikes me as the kind of guy who's desperate to stay involved with any kind of Tarantino link and is happy to talk about upcoming stuff forever - He was harping on about the Vega Bros for years.

Murphy has the potential to be awesome, the first BHC was formidable and showed he can play stuff with a bit of a serious edge (which went out the window in BHC2).

Was great in Trading Places too. I wonder if he'd be interested in shying from the kid-friendly track he's on though? He spent nearly 10 year or so being on top and being cool, and that bought him nothing but trouble, I wonder if he'd want to go for that again?

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I love the Kill Bills - in fact they're easily my fave Tarantino work - but this isn't a Kill Bill review thread. We've had dozens of those.

It's about an interesting casting choise (if Madsen isn't talking BS that is). We know what QT did for Travolta, Jackson and Thurman, and to a lesser extinct to Pam Grier, Robert Foster (Acdamy Award nomination indeed), Darryl Hannah and David Caradine.

I think he is able to get a great performance out of Murphy, a performance we haven't seen from him in a long, long time. That's why I think he should cast Stallone as well. That guy is made for a Dirty Dozen style role.

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Hey there.

I recently saw The Eddie Murphy flick LIFE. Not a great film. But I do think that it's underrated. Murphy is great in it. Funny as hell. Shit. It was just great to see him fuckin swearing again. But it didnt exactly set the box office on fire.. And generaly his kids flicks do..

I would fuckin LOVE for him to do it. But I just think Murphy may have too much of an ego to take a little role in a bigger cast.

Hope I'm wrong... As for Stallone.. Isnt he like 60?

Despin out.

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As for Stallone.. Isnt he like 60?

Some of the Dirty Dozen guys were pretty old as well. Sly'll turn 59 later this year but he doesn't look that old and 'Shade' proved there'a still life in the man. I'd love to see what Tarantino can do with him.

Anyway, bring this movie on. In other good news: RR will start Sin City 2 in January. A Dame to Kill For has been confirmed as one the stories. To be expected really.

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I hope Eddie gets a role where here more of a Vicious character.

Eddie sure has the potental of beeing an ultimate badass.

If we get to see the old Eddie Murphy from his talkshows.

Instead of the "Im in Hollywood and I must play a tough, but goodguy cop"

Tarantino always has interesting characters in his movies, so I got my hopes up.

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I think Murphy's career started to go downhill when lightweight fluff like The Golden Child was hitting no.1 in the US. He got too power crazy and they let him do stuff like Harlem Nights.

He seemed to then vanish and reinvent himself with Boomerang, Distinguished Gent etc and when they didn't get him the audience he switched to family friendly stuff which bought him some box office again. But I think he lost his edge in doing so.

I think he's content making a couple of films a year for the kids that make a profit, while not setting the world alight. I fear his passion has gone (and hell, he's got to be worth enough to not need to work) and I just can't see him wanting a career reinvention.

But you go back to 48 Hours, BHC & Trading Places, even Delirious, and you'll see a man on fire with so much talent.

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Fair point but all comics--->actors have shit films when trying to find a niche, admittedly it turns out his niche was derivative crap but still.

A great comic thou, his T-Rex bit set the world of paleontology alight!

It was more of a look at some of the grittier films from his past than a laugh at their shitness. Vampire in Brooklyn especially, I can't tell whether it wants to be tounge-in-cheek or a contemporary horror film.

I still love his films though, whether they're intentionally funny or not. The Golden Child is hilarious these days, if anyones seen it recently.

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