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Nintendo Stars Catalogue Updated Again


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shit. I got my free stars copy of Metroid on the GBA today. Wish I'd held out a little longer now!

I have 2,000 left. Quite fancy Star Fox Assault.

I am really annoyed that I was only a llowed to register one lot of Bongo points because I have 4 sets of the things. Annoying that!

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About those bongos, if they are same number for all those bongos.  Which means someone can give the number out to all the non bongos rllmuk ninty owners and give them some free VIP points.

What made you think they all had the same number? They definitely don't. I've got two sets and the PIN numbers are completely different. In case you were wondering, I already gave one of them away in the "For Free" thread a while ago.

As usual nothing too exciting left when I got to the catalogue. Got a Pac Pix stylus though.

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I can't belive the site finally let me log-in. I've been trying for ages over the past year or so, but I could never remember the password, and it said my email address was invalid (even though I still received that Nintendo newsletter from it).

So I finally got in, and I've ot just short of 4,000 stars. May have to get something...

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Just ordered the stylus and Yoshi. :D

Out of interest, how much was the DS and Starfox?

For the record, there were:

500 Starfox Assault Posters - 1500 stars

500 Pac-Pix DS Styli - 1500 stars

100 Starfox Assault games - 4500 stars

100 Pac- Pix games - 4000 stars

100 Yoshi's Universal Gravitation games - 4000 stars

10 GameCubes - 9000 stars

10 Nintendo DS's - 10000 stars

10 Silver GBA SP's - 7500 stars

Really generous this time I thought...

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