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Batman & Robin


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It's on right now.

Words cannot describe how awful this movie is. No redeeming features whatsoever. Never did I believe a film could be this bad.

Hammy Acting. Check.

Bad SFX. Check.

Crap one-liners hurled at machine gun rate. Check.

Extreme camp, but not in a funny ironic way. Check.

Arnold Schwarzenegger. Check.

etc etc

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The worst film I have ever seen. The only film I have contemplated walking out of the cinema for.

I didn't expect much having seen the shit predecessor but when they started sky-surfing on dustbin lids my whole world caved in.

This is the only film I have walked out of the cinema because it was the worst piece of crap ever.

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Fucking hell. I saw it once and it raped my soul. It really is terrible, the writing, the plot, the characters (look what they did with Freeze, easily one of the best villains in the Batman universe), the art direction, the fight choreography...all shit.

What was Joel thinking when he made this? Or smoking?

I hope Batmans Begins will wash it's foul taste out of my mouth. The ten minute preview of it is certainly comforting.

I take it most of you have seen the Joel diss in one of the episodes of Batman: TAS? T'was ace.

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A copy and paste from the Easter Egg archive, it's a funny scene. The episode you're looking for is "Legends of the Dark Knight".

This episode, concerning the BTAS's creators's inspirations for their version of Batman includes a special guest. After we see the "Frank Miller-50-year-old" version of Batman, the three kids run into a young man who's dressing a window maniquin. He says things like, "I lo-o-o-o-ve Batman. That rubber suit. I hear his car can drive up walls." The kids say, "sure Joel," proving that this slightly effeminate, costumer is supposed to be Joel Schumacher, director of Batman Forever and Batman & Robin, noted for their rubber suits.

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Oh hell yeah... badness...

but if your actually on the lookout for some batman goodyness, then you must purge your mind of the the batman movies (except perhaps the 1st two), and the tv show <shudder> and read frank millers Batman: Year one - book


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has anyone watched the batman 60s tv show movie? i bought it our lass as a comedy valentines present and its funny as fuck! i always thought it was just an ill judged attempt at creating a comic-book tv show but its just one big piss take and therefore genius. shame about misrepresenting batman and stuff.

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Yeah it's weird cos I like the first two films, hate the others, love the Batman of Neal Adams, Killing Joke, Frank Miller, Arkham etc. yet I also love the 60's TV series and the 60's film. They are genius. The problem with Schumachers stuff is that it isnt out and out pisstake, it makes occasional attempts at dark, serious drama but cripples it with embarrassing unfunny campness at the same time.

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8 hours ago, JohnC said:


That interview's doing the rounds now because it's the 20th anniversary of the film's release, but Joel Schumacher said many of the same things a long time ago in a retrospective DVD Making Of:



The documentary is significantly more interesting and well-made than the actual film:



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