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I'm absolutely nothing to do with the team behind The Hidden. I'm just so impressed with the mod that I thought I'd come pimp it here for them.

The Hidden Source Website

Basically it's a mod that recreates those Predator scenes where he's in camo mode and the Marines are going through the gamut of emotions trying to work out what's killing them and from where.

You can see the hidden - but only just. Much easier when he's moving. Makes use of the sort of graphical effect that the 'hydra' monster that never got included in HL2 used (might be dependent on gfx hardware - on my 6800GT I could see the Hidden quite clearly - however a friend on a GF4Ti4400 claimed he couldn't see anything). Marine teams can, at this stage, select from shotgun or submachine gun. Marines have 4 minutes to hunt down the hidden and stay alive. The Hidden has 4 minutes to stalk and kill all the marines. (Time limits may be changeable in options). Outstanding stuff as the Hidden knocks a painting off the wall, the marines in the room all react to the movement and empty clips into empty spaces because the Hidden has already taken a new position ready to pounce and devour.

Previously they'd released a one map teaser - which although not huge - showed huge promise.

Yesterday they release a beta Client and dedicated servers (win and linux). 5 maps and a fully rounded out total modification.

Give it a try - I think this is the beginning of a new first class HL mod. Playing last night with friends , it creates an air of tension and paranoia amongst the Marine team like no other HL mod I've played. You know (or at least have a gut feeling) the Hidden is in the room with you, you catch glimpses of something as he moves but you're unsure, your team mate suddenly hits the floor in front of you in a pool of blood, you back into a corner thinking safety, I must be next, only to turn and be faced by the shimmering Hidden slashing away from where you were previously convinced was safe.

As the Hidden, youre quicker than the marines, can jump further but have lesser weaponry (a knife and some pipe bombs), more often than not you toy with the marines always in the same location as the marines...purposefully knocking a monitor off a table and enjoying the ensuing carnage as paranoia and survival instincts kick in whilst rounding to the other side of the room to pounce.

Great great great stuff.

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Yeah I played the one amp teaser loads and downloaded most of the terrible maps that sprung up around it.

Great fun, but is never going to be that big because it ins't team based. The new maps in the release are nice but lacking in atmosphere I think, why is he really in an office? it is a bit dull.

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