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Gamestyle Halo2 Tourney


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I was a bit uncertain as whether Sack and myself could pull off a win against this team, due to Meerman getting host, but we managed quite well considering:

Multiflag on Warlock

Fairly easy win for us, after the muck up that the game before it was (dont ask!)

Team Slayer on Lockout

Sack had the sword for the majority of the game, after I'd got it and the shotgun, but decided to give it to him. Just wish I'd managed to get a hold of the sniper, as I died a fair bit more than I woulda liked.

Team Rifles on Turf

Really close game this, with good team work by both sides.

We'd won by this point, but decided to play on.

Team Rockets on Foundation

It says something when the opposition says it was a bad idea to team Sack and myself together :D

Team KOTH on Ascension

Lucky game for us this as the hill just seemed to be where we were for the majority of the game. I also got a nice sticky on a Banshee as it was flying towards the hill B)

Good games Meerman and Gommy.

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Yeah, brilliant games against a brilliant team. I too was worried at the start, Gommy and Meerman are a force to be reconged with, but through a bit of skill, bit of luck and a lot of team work we managed to win.

Turf was a horrible game. Its normally such a fun and happy map, but it was so tense, especially when it was 24/24 and me and i think gommy were facing off against each other.

Brilliant game and i wish them well in the rest of the tourney, i can see them going far!

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To other RLLMUK players in the tournament:

Head over to Gamestyle and set up your games please! Otherwise I'll be forced to do it for you. :ph34r:

I have no idea how the hell i'm supposed to post on that forum. When I log in the tourney folder dissapears.

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me and dax still need to play our first game - peppy and sith.

i've posted it on the gamestyle forum but not had a reply, so if you read this first, post in here...

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I have no idea. Matt knows. Possibly.  :lol:

Me and Retro are playing against you and Matt in our first game.

When did you arrange to play the game? I kept posting on the Gamestyle forum asking what times would be good for you guys to play but got no reply.

Seens as the game wasnt played before the end of the first week July I think it should be considered a draw and not a win to you and Matt.

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How so? Just play your games, and catch up. Easy.

Exactly. Adam stop thinking so negatively. It's a laid-back tourney.

Best is to wait until everyone's played their first game before starting the second 'week'.

Or I could do what Laemus said and award the team that hasn't turned up with a loss.


If all else fails, the team that has the most wins at this moment in time WINS ALL GAMES! And that team is Mr Ben and Sack Man.

You wouldn't want them to win all games, DO YOU?

START PLAYING YOUR GAMES! (not so laid-back anymore, is it? :( )

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