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Exactly Mr Helvetica. Why on Earth would Nintendo decide to *quitely* put some pics on the web, when surely it'd be happy to send out promo stuff to every mag/website it could?

I think the viral marketing campaigns like ourcolony.net and ilovebees.com have a partial blame for this. I think Nintendo tried this type of thing with Metroid Prime 2 a while back, though now many people think that stuff which is coming out from Photoshop-owning Nintendoites is legit. I was shocked to see how many people accepted the Revo fakes.

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Looks like someone is taking a picture of that poster - the poster would also never be that quality, it even looks fake just like that.

RE: Backwards compatability without all the buttons of the GameCube - you'll plug your old GameCube pads into it. ^_^

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Anything's an improvement over 'you can't buy this'.

Every time you see me

My purchase is just so tight

I'm dope in the shop

And im magic on the mike

Now why would I ever

Stop buyin this?

With others buying records

You just dont get

I've bought around the world

From Londis to e-Bay

Its Shopper go, shopper hit, shopper yo shopper

and the rest can go and play, you cant buy this

Verse adapted from memory.

So thats the gimmic of the revolutions, it seems- a tilt sensitive controller. could be interesting.

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New Nintendo Revolution pic!

Posted Aug 1, 2005, 11:00 AM ET by James Ransom-Wiley

According to our informant, this image represents “a component of the Revolution’s interface”. Nope, not the revolutionary controller, but some other unknown device… thoughts? And by the way, the source for this image is a person that is “very reliable, and is connected to DigiPen and Nintendo”—if that’s worth anything to you.

[Thanks, echo_machine]


.::: Very well then. Although credibility-levels are still flat as a pancake, it's looking well... like what actually? I mean just look at it. What in tarnation is it?

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