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ha ha, listening to you all defending Giroud the words you are saying could have been typed about Heskey, Carlton Cole, Jason Roberts etc at most points in their careers

if you are all happy for a club of our size signing a 10 goal a season man (I'm being generous) then fine - for my money, and I've said this since pre-season first sightings, he's simply not a clinical striker.

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Gotters, you big mental, this Giroud hate campaign is beyond reason. In even the most fuzzy footballing vision he's clearly a good centre-forward. He makes the right runs, hold the ball well, wins the ball in the air and generally does most stuff right.

He doesn't make goals out of nothing. Robin van Persie used to, but he's dead now so there is no point beating "your own" (remember that) players with a stick because of it. He's also not lightning fast which makes life harder in any position, but particularly his.

Giroud has missed a few chances, but nine games into his first season in a new league (not all of which he's started in), I don't think he's abbatoir material quite yet.

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Gotter's is clearly trying to engineer the world's biggest 'I told you so' with his steadfast and true derision of Giroud.

I don't think it's going to work, though. So, relax mang. We know you position on on him, no need for a tenuously justified reminder after every game.

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its not hate, I'm too old for that, and its odd because I've never taken against a player so quickly.

I still think Arshavin should be in the starting 11, loved Jenkinson from the second he set foot on the pitch (despite running like he's come out of FIFA 94), preach that Gervinho will come good, I just don't see Giroud at all though as a player for us though.

its obviously upsetting you all so I'll stop for the time being and we'll come back to it in Jan when he's loaned out to Bolton

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I thought Giroud had a good game, he was feeding off of scraps but he won most headers and held the ball up well and he covered a lot of ground for the team. Arshavin did well when he came on. We were pretty poor as a team though, massive lack of confidence which hopefully the win yesterday will change that.

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Mike fucking Dean for the Man Utd game. May as well kiss that one goodbye then.

You mean the Mike Dean who out of the last 15 times has ref'ed our games we've only been on the winning side once?

That was when we beat the scum 5-2 and he 'celebrated' Sahas' goal.

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You mean the Mike Dean who out of the last 15 times has ref'ed our games we've only been on the winning side once?

That was when we beat the scum 5-2 and he 'celebrated' Sahas' goal.

Don't let facts get in the way of the Man Utd get given everything brigade. :|

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lol wut? ARSENAL have won just one of their last fifteen Dean-refereed matches, not Man Utd. He's like Phil Dowd x 100.

Are all those losses down to Mike Dean though? Surely its coincidental with maybe a few bad decisions thrown as per any referee with any of the teams.

I don't buy these referee conspiracies one bit, it's border line tin foil hat stuff and should be kept to Liverpool supporters exclusively.

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Might not be a conspiracy but one win out of fifteen is a hell of a coincidence.

I found the stat interesting and did a quick Google to see if it was true. It is correct, though this encompasses Cup games.

What I did notice though the games where made up almost entirely of London derbies and games against the Manchester clubs. Is it really surprising you didn't win these games given the nature of derbies and the fact that City and United are better teams?

City- A, H

Utd- H, A, A

Chelsea- H, A, A

Spurs A, H

Fulham H


Birmingham League Cup Final

Newcastle- H

Burnley- A

Looking at Arsenals recent records against London clubs and City/ Utd that Dean didn't ref, it came out as:

United- L 8-2A 11/12, L 1-0a 10/11, w1-0h 10/11,

City- L 1-0A 11/12, W 1-0H 11/12, W3-0A 10/11, d 0-0h 10/11,

Chelsea- L 2-1H 2012/13, W 5-3A 11/12, w3-1H 10/11,

QPR- W 1-0H 2012/13 (late offside goal), W1-0H 11/12,

Fulham- L2-1 11/12, w 2-1h 10/11, d2-2 a 10/11

Spurs L3-2H 10/11, D 3-3A 10/11,

Which goes upto a similar timespan as those 15 games you speak of I think. To me it doesn't look much different. Obviously there's wins in there but I stick with the point you generally don't do well against City, Utd and derbies no matter the ref.

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My stats are slightly incorrect BTW- game 10, Arsenal beat Leeds in the FA Cup, so that's 2 wins in 15.

If you take that game out (along with the Birmingham loss) and only count Premier League games then yeah, 1 in 15.

However those two other games that then replace where Utd 0-0A where we won the league and Spurs 0-0A which just sort of continues the Derby/Utd idea.

The 15 game run sounded like a convenient stopping point (game 16 was an Arsenal win) so I continued to look.

Mike Dean games prior to the 1 in 15 stat:


W- Chelsea 2-1A

W- Blackburn 4-0A

D- Birmingham 2-2A (Was this the horror injury Eduardo game?)

D- Spurs 1-1A

D- Newcastle 1-1A

W- Sheff Utd 3-0A


D- Spurs 2-2A

D- Bolton 1-1H

W- Watford 2-1A

L Bolton 3-1A


W West Brom 3-1H

L Bolton 1-0A


D West Ham 0-0A


D Crystal Palace 1-1A

W Charlton 4-0H

W Man Utd 3-1 Charity Shield

W Fulham 1-0A

W Boro 4-1H


W Leeds 4-1A

W Villa 2-0H

W West Ham 3-1H

W Newcastle 1-0H


W Coventry 1-0A

W Newcastle 5-0 H

W Coventry 2-1H

16 Arsenal wins in 25 games reffed by Mike Dean. Then again these games coincided with Arsenal being title contenders and winners, the "Invincible" season seeing him ref a fair few games so the difference in results is perhaps obvious. I think even with a good team there's still a fair few Derby surprises which reinforces the original assertion.

You also have a nearly 50% win rate over the course of his career.

What did jump out was the number of games he refs in London, be it either a derby or a Arsenal home game. I thought maybe they picked refs based on location so there isn't too much travel, but apparently he lives in Merseyside (ish) so I don't think it's that.

What also jumped out was that run of games where Big Fat Sam did you over with Bolton.

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