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Well, that's probably the closest Adebayor will be getting to Arsenal legend status.

Their goals should probably be cause for concern...But we scored five.

I love how Szczesny is such a petty cunt.

Him telling Defoe to fuck off when he went to pick up the ball was entertaining.

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To be fair AVB made some ballsy changes and tottenham weren't shite.

He'll get stick because that's just the accepted thing in the press, but fr me he should come away with more credit than Twitchy, who spent the entire second half of the last 5-2 sitting on the bench looking bewildered.

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This is the fixture that keeps on giving isnt it, had to stump up £93 a seat for a pair halfway line seats but again it delivered.

Think the scoreline flattered us but nice to see us being clinical for a change, cazorla was superb and to give credit where its due i thought giroud had an excellent game, as much in defence at corners as up front.

Not seen the red again but looked it at full speed

Special mention must go to Thud for spuds, he really is terrible.

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If he goes it's a sorry state of affairs IMHO. Like him or not it simply can't happen if we're to be taken seriously. He's had a good season, whether he's playing for a big new deal or not, and if we sell him we're back to square one to replace him and we'll need a really good signing to compensate. Including wages to possible better what he wants.

Alternatively, he's buying a bigger house and he's staying!

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