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If 80k a week is not enough then good luck to him. Would rather see ickle-Jack Wilshere get a chance anyway.



I think we dodged a bullet with Cole tbh. There's absolutely no indication that he'll get back to the level he was at 2-3 years ago (which wasn't even that high anyway).

4 years?! blink.gif

Based on those numbers:

Arsenal: £8.3m

Spurs: £10.1m

Liverpool: £18.7m

Bearing in mind those numbers and that you have lots of injury problems and might well be having serious problems at the end of a 2 year contract, you'd honestly sign for Arsenal? You'd have to be insane.

How much do you think Liverpool would pay to get us working for them?

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Good Arseblog today, in riposte to Wenger's ludicrous comments about how fans are only happy if we sign Messi.

Honestly, what a crock of shite. It's in the same vein as the one they've used before about not being able to buy players for £40m. Literally no one has realistically suggested we do that, and similarly our fans have been far more patient than most with inexpensive young players. To suggest we're all impatient twonks who complain about every signing unless they cost a fortune is stupid and insulting.

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".. people want to see Lionel Messi come in, they don't want to see a promising guy,"

Such a ridiculous thing to say. All I want is for us to hang onto one of the players that become superstars while at the Arsenal; RVP, Cesc whoever. Fuck sake Wenger.

People just want players who don't turn out to be shit. People will complain about the likes of Chamakh and Gervinho, because we paid decent money for them and they're shite. People don't really complain about Sagna, Koscielny and Jenkinson - all players no one had likely heard of before they signed - because they've turned out to be good players. It's not rocket science and has got fuck all to do with transfer fees or reputations.

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Maybe if you get some crosses in the box. And maybe try not to really play him too much. Or just shut your eyes when he gets the ball.

I don't think I remember a forward with less of a goalscoring instinct in all the time i've watched football.

I am deeply sorry.

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