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i seem to be posting more in here than my own team's thread this week, but i wonder if you guys have seen this?

Let it go - Fabregas edition.

incidentally, it's a mystery to me why sometimes i can copy a youtube link and the video appears in the post, and sometimes it's just a link. does anyone know what i'm doing wrong?

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Quite an interesting tactics-themed thing here. Don't agree with all of it (notably referring to Clichy as "underrated" :lol:), but there's some quite good stuff in there. http://spielverlagerung.com/2014/11/16/wengers-problems-and-arsenals-long-term-crisis/

I've only just got round to reading this after bookmarking it weeks ago, but this is a superb article. A long read but well worth it & it quite ruthlessly dissects the flaws in our approach.

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I'm sure Giroud didn't run about this much before his injury... Maybe I'm mis-remembering though. Really impressed by his all-round game (and goals) since he came back.

Yeah he's looked really decent since coming back. I just hope he can stay injury free for the rest of the season as we badly need his goals.

I thought yesterday was a solid performance. It looks like they have been giving that extra 10% to try and make up for the Stoke game and it made all the difference yesterday and in Turkey. Why they can't always approach a game with such a positive determination to win is a damn mystery though.

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