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there was some other mugs too stood by a big advertising hoarding they'd had made up and put on the back of a truck


these people honestly think they are more a part of a club than the bloke who has managed the team for 20 years, made Arsenal his life work, and turned us from a boring to watch stable dull team into a huge elite club in the modern game.


so tonight, 3rd choice goalie and no Kos - Andy Carroll first goal at 9-1 looks a good punt, 20-1 on him getting a couple.

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Does anyone know how we can check the status of the semi final tickets application?  The status for all applications was supposed to be available yesterday but I can't find anywhere within the ticket section on Arsenal.com where I can find if my application was successful or not.

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Having been an arsenal fan all of my life and travelling to away games from the "boring boring Arsenal" days to present, I've never felt so resigned and numb to defeat.  We are a shambles.  


Something is fundamentally wrong with the team from board level all the way down.

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3 hours ago, Professor_k said:

We are shite lads :(


Everything wrong with the club has been obvious to people like me for years.


Finally people are demanding the head of Wenger.  Finally people are starting to realise that the entire backroom team are a bunch of fucking useless 'yes' men and most importantly of all, finally people & the media have realised that the club has been spectacularly mismanaged for years which is why we are not in the current predicament.  It's been years in the making and some of us saw it all coming to this very sad and tragic end.


Today's performance was actually far worse than the Bayern game.  Bayern just outclassed us with embarrassing ease.  Today Palace just rolled us over as there wasn't any fight in anyone, which is inexcusable.


It's not just the players and staff of the club who are to blame, I hold a lot of fans with the same mindset as a lot of people who post in this thread responsible for accepting 'top four' as some sort of trophy.  Their mindset is all wrong, which is why we are in this position.  Most of them have been happy for the club to finish miles behind the league leaders for over a decade.  They've not demanded that we try to compete.  They accepted failure for years and now their precious 4th place is history they've finally got the hump.  They're a decade late but well done for arriving on the same page as those of us who expect better.


Every message board I use I say the same things in the summer.  I say we need a good 6 or 7 signings to really allow us to compete and to my constant astonishment people claim we only need 2 or 3 new faces and that the rest of the squad is good enough.  Some fans haven't got a fucking clue about football or what it takes to compete which is all us clued up fans are asking for.  We are not demanding we win trophies, we just want to compete and go in the right direction.  For the money we pay and the money the club generates, it's scandalous what has been allowed to happen over the last 10 years.  


We used to have a team full of men and leaders, anyone of which could easily be captain and command respect from the rest of the squad and opponents alike.  Everyone would play for their captain, the shirt and the club.  Today we were captained by Theo fucking Walcott who is regarded by the club as the most senior available player.  Just let that sink in.

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Imagine Steve007 with a bitter grimace on his face as Arsenal lift their 2nd FA Cup in as many seasons. 'This isn't my narrative', he thinks. He tells his wife he needs some alone time and he spends an unhappy hour removing the word "trophyless" from his rant templates.


I bet he wore a grin to bed last night. 

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Got to have some sympathy for that POV.  The problems are the same year after year and Arsenal are doomed to a peculiar type of mediocrity.  It is a mediocrity that all but about five clubs in the country would die for, but it still a mediocrity of sorts.


Wenger said, "It's difficult to accept but easy to explain: we were poor defensively and offensively, cohesion-wise, and delivered an off-the-mark performance completely. That's why we were well beaten. We gave them too much room and were naive. It's a massive blow and a massive disappointment. We were never close in our marking, and you do not win big games like that."

As I have said for nine years, Wenger is a choreographer, not a tactician.

A choreographer is someone who obsessively interested in his own ballet rehearsals. A tactician like George Graham or Fabio Capello looks at the other guy's ballet and nullifies it. A tactician teaches attack and defence. A choreographer does one thing, a tactician does two things.

Wenger does not teach defence.
He does not teach defence.
How long have I been saying that? Feels like seven years.

Wenger can't think on his feet. He's very good at most things but he's hopeless at that. He plans his match and lets it roll and can't change a game, except by throwing on two more strikers and hoping for the best.



He sells us the future, buying more and more kids, so that no other coach could make sense of his squad, and thereby keeping himself in a £5 million-a-year job in perpetuity. He has made sure he is irreplaceable. No manager in the history of association football has sold potential for so long or rewarded failure so generously.

All over the world, Arsenal fans wonder : Why doesn’t Wenger buy the players we obviously need?

The answer is simple. He sold two Africans to Manchester City for £40 million and used most of that money to give new contracts to 18 players who have not won anything and will not win anything under his guidance.

This control-freak's idea of heaven is a team that doesn’t give him any aggro, where nobody ever puts in a transfer request. By paying £60,000 a week to Eduardo and Walcott, he owns them now and he will continue to own them for 20 years after they retire. He boasted that Almunia had no CV before he came to Arsenal and he insults us by touting him for England, a comment which infuriated Fabio Capello, among others. Eboue, Denilson and Diaby can never be sold because nobody else would pay those wages to them. Who would pay money for Almunia?



He really hates buying a used footballer who might have an opinion and challenge him and ask why he doesn't teach defence, or work on scoring from crosses, or rehearse a few surprising free-kicks or practice the many other things that this Arsenal team cannot do and will never do while Wenger is in charge.


That is quoted from something someone wrote seven years ago.

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