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The list of players that Emery has alienated continues to deepen. Poor old Willock get dragged off at half time twice in a week and doesn't make the bench, Ozil has been flushed down the toilet whilst we toil away like a bunch of soggy turds in the final third and now Xhaka was completely chucked under the bus. He played like a nob and his reaction is unforgivable and probably means there's no way back for him, but you'd have to suspect the manager knows what the crowd will do. Classic deflection and really unbecoming. 

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13 hours ago, Gotters said:

Leno now fulling graduated from the Arsenal keeper school of falling over gently the wrong way for penalties.


I think our coaches tell them 'pick a side and stick to it' and everybody knows this so just waits for them to fall over.


30 of last 31 faced in league conceded



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latest from Ornstein this morning behind the Athletic paywall (spoilered for length and probably a good idea if reposting their stuff)


looks like anybody hoping for a quick removal of Emery will be disappointed, but some good insights here from a reliable source.




The appointment of Unai Emery as Arsenal head coach was supposed to herald a new dawn for a club plagued by regression and rancour towards the end of Arsene Wenger’s time in charge.

But 17 months on, it seems Emery finds himself in a similar position to Wenger, only without the 22-year background that made the Frenchman’s departure such a difficult decision.

Speculation over Emery’s future ratcheted up after his side let slip a two-goal lead to draw 2-2 at home to Crystal Palace on Sunday, but internally the Spaniard is safe for now.

As is normal after most games at the Emirates Stadium, Arsenal’s head of football Raul Sanllehi and technical director Edu entered the dressing room to speak with players and staff. Director Josh Kroenke was over from America and, as is customary on such visits, he went to see Emery in his office. The conversation is said to have been routine; business as usual.

Anger within the corridors of power was directed not towards the 47-year-old, rather the VAR system that granted Palace a route back into the contest and later denied Arsenal a winning goal.

The subject will be aggressively raised by the Gunners at Monday’s directors of football meeting, which takes place inside the Premier League’s London offices at 10am GMT.

Chaired by the Premier League’s own director of football Richard Garlick, these gatherings take place two or three times a year and provide a chance to talk about a whole range of topics, including fixture schedules and youth development, but this one is likely to be dominated by VAR.

Arsenal’s hierarchy are seething about the decisions and believe the anger of their supporters would have been channelled in the same direction were it not for the fall-out from captain Granit Xhaka’s behaviour as he was substituted off, which the club admit was unjustifiable.

Emery still has firm support from those above him, although there is now an acceptance that after a year and a half in the job and with the benefit of significant backing in the transfer market last summer, there is not much more the club can do and the onus is on him to deliver.

They do not believe in knee-jerk reactions and will give Emery time, most probably until the end of the season, before deciding if he will be allowed to go into the final year of his contract.

There was a desire within a section of Arsenal’s top brass to reward him with a new deal last summer, but this was not a universal wish and the majority verdict held sway.

It is also fair to say that Emery does not retain the backing of his entire squad — the main concern of some members being an apparent absence of team identity and clarity on what is being asked of them — but equally the majority of players and staff are believed to be behind him.

There is even sympathy for him within certain quarters, given the amount of on and off-field change, as well as various political and personal issues, with which he has had to contend.

Emery was the unanimous choice to succeed Wenger after a thorough recruitment process that saw a long list of candidates whittled down to a final eight, all of whom were interviewed.

The identities of the other seven have never previously been made public, but The Athletic can exclusively reveal they were, in alphabetical order: Massimiliano Allegri, Mikel Arteta, Thierry Henry, Julen Lopetegui, Ralf Rangnick, Jorge Sampaoli and Patrick Vieira.

Arsenal additionally discussed Antonio Conte, Eddie Howe, Maurizio Sarri and Brendan Rodgers — but for differing reasons they were not pursued, while Luis Enrique was never an option.

The only contender who came close to Emery was Arteta, but ultimately his lack of managerial experience and a readily available backroom team worked against the former Gunners captain.

It is unclear what contingency plans are in place if Arsenal decide to part with Emery — although there is a sense that assistant first-team coach Freddie Ljungberg would be capable of at least assuming a caretaker role — but currently that is not even a consideration.


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Pure head in the sand stuff by the sounds of it. Yes the VAR decisions were shit but the bigger issues we saw yesterday aren't anything to do with that and are an on going concern that's been going on for 12 months

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I look at that form guide and it’s easy to simply go ‘Emery is worse’.


That doesn’t factor in the element of decline as Wenger’s teams were clearly getting worse - you could just as simply say Emery has stabilised a nose dive and not started gaining altitude yet.


Reality is in between, and as Utd are proving it isnt easy to replace these long serving guys who ran the whole show.



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If that had happened with Xhaka keeping his head down and making efforts to get off the pitch ASAP, then I'd have 100% sympathy with him, and it would just be (another) example of the Emirates crowd being entitled and poisonous.


That didn't happen though, so you have to frame the crowd reaction around his failure to hurry up and get off the pitch. Would another player trudging off have got the same level of vitriol? Maybe not, but we'll never know for sure.

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Isn't Emery's default line on Ozil "I'm sure he can help us" (or words to that effect) every time he's asked about him? 



Morning Mesut

I'm habbing a problem with one of the children, blah blah blah

At the weekend I asked him to come off the pitch and let one of his friends have a turn, but he was soo slow coming to sit on the bench with me and the other people at the park began to boo. He said a naughty word and I'm not sure how I should tell him his behaviour wasn't good. As one of my previously chosen 5 I would appreciate yours support and advice.

I hope you have a good ebening.





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Well yeah, because Gazidis, in his infinite wisdom, decided to give him £350k a week shortly before he fucked off, so no wonder the suits want to shift him and his salary. Doesn’t mean refusing to ever use him is sensible, though. He’s still a good footballer. 

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I was joking about Mourinho improving player harmony - I think he's toxic and his brand of football & player management is done, the game has moved on from him I believe and Utd felt the force of that.


I don't see him being a fit for the club on any level and suspect its just his agent putting reminders out there - in the same way that Ryan Giggs turned up on super sunday every week talking about all the irons he had in the fire as a manager.


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