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1 hour ago, Gotters said:

another half with no shots on target from us, and letting the opposition have 10, with 3 on target.



21 minutes ago, Gotters said:

No need to worry, we’re great at holding onto leads from our only effort on target


11 minutes ago, Stagger Lee said:

What a fucking mess.


Thought I was in the Man Utd thread for a minute there. 

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I've made Vardy cpt in my fantasy team, us away from home isn't pretty, and Leicester convert chances at a decent %, with nobody giving up more chances than us.


Only thing I cling to is we usually score a few against them, and did them home and away when they won the title.

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5 at the back, 2 holders and still gave up 19 shots.


That’s pretty damning of either a lack of coherent system being deployed, lack of effort/buy in from players or a bit of both.


Leicester on the other hand looked hungry and well drilled in their respective system, the teams were miles apart.

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Our form is getting worse, at least when we were conceding 406 shots a game we were at least getting 10 shots ourselves, now we’ve managed 2 shots on target in two games. I’ve never seen anything like it at Arsenal.


If he is still in a job tomorrow then questions need to be asked of Raul and Edu.


My son did say during the game that the blue team were his favourite of the game. He’s just turned 7.

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You can pick apart the problems we have across the pitch, but the main issue is and always has been that’s Emery is just a massive fanny who worries too much what the opposition are going to do to us rather than what we can do to them. It comes across in everything we do. Blaming Özil’s robbery thing, young players, Xhaka, the fans, injuries, Mercury in retrograde. It’s just the damned circumstances that are against me! How can I effect that?!


I think we all thought at the start that his approach to tinkering with the line up to counter an opposition was a sensible idea that we’d been missing for a long time. It’s clear that’s all he’s got though. Just looking over the garden fence at the sculpted adonis’ of Palace and Sheffield Utd spraying the ball around for fun and having a PTSD flashback of getting brutalised by Barca until he composes himself again and writes PANIC into a PowerPoint presentation and gloomily articulates that to the squad.


Good managers can set up in a way that means you don’t lose, but also dish out a decent shellacking to the cannon fodder that litters this league when required. It’s just beyond his capabilities.


This is genuinely worse than those dreadful seasons when Graham was booted out and we limped along with Houston and Rice taking the reigns. At least we had some European adventures and a squad full of baggage thieves and lager louts to josh about with.

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Emery safe until Summer according to Ornstein.




However, The Athletic has been informed by senior sources that Arsenal’s hierarchy remain “100 per cent” behind Emery and still plan to wait until the summer before making a decision on his future.


Whether or not that plan changes is impossible to predict, but the 48-year-old will be in position for his side’s next match at home to Southampton on November 23 and is said to have the total backing of Arsenal’s ownership, board of directors and executives to turn the situation round. We are told that owner Stan Kroenke and his son Josh, head of football Raul Sanllehi, managing director Vinai Venkatesham, technical director Edu and all other influential figures are firmly on the same page.


Reports of contact being established with potential successors to Emery are vigorously denied and it has been clearly communicated that they are not considering a change of head coach.



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The old vote of confidence. I do wish they'd not bothered giving Champions League qualification for winning the Europa pot as there's always that get-out-of-jail card to fall back on. That was clearly the plan last season which meant we tanked the league and pinned our hopes on a second-rate manager winning a second-rate competition to achieve what we needed. I can see us going deep into it whatever happens as the standard is dire. A couple more wins for Leicester and Chelsea it would take a really wretched run of form for them to drop out of the top four spaces and the league becomes irrelevant. It would be so disheartening and completely smalltime, but if he isn't sacked now that's where we are and the Kronke's reprieve would've lasted about eight weeks. The summer splurge is looking like the most expensive 100 million quid they will ever spend.

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