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We're in that young team inconsistent spell where results are a bit of a coin toss


76% possession, 23 shots, 6 on target for no goals against Southampton

32% possession, 14 shots, 4 on target for 4 goals against reigning CL holders Chelsea.


Nketiah doing a 'Shane Long' and banging in a couple as his contract enters final few months, he looked good last night but I'm not convinced he's the sort of striker our system under Arteta needs, he looks like a striker from a previous age of football who will get a club but probably not in the top half of the table. You can almost see the £150k a week contract for him and inevitable fall out with Arteta and training with U23s coming to save us a new striker fee. 

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Crazy result, especially given our recent form. Switch to a back 5 and having Elneny in there alongside Xhaka seemed to do the trick though. Still gave the ball away a lot with some sloppy passes, but it’s back on right?

I feel like Nketiah would be a decent backup striker, seems like he wants too much money or regular first team football though, so doubt he’ll stay.

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9 minutes ago, Gotters said:

Stick that in your whining ref berating pipes


I look forward to reading in the Utd thread how that Xhaka boom was the refs fault and should be disallowed.


You guys literally have a whole conspiracy theory that all referees are against you.  :lol:


Come on, you must admit you've been a bit lucky with the decisions today.

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38 minutes ago, Gotters said:

Ref been OK, given stuff both ways, lucky he didn't give Fernandes a red.


Also the defender that wasn't sent off for the foul on Saka that led to the penalty. how he stayed on I will never know. 

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