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I really don't want another summer of mad Vieira speculation. Next thing you know Real Madrid will announce that they've made a bid.

Real Madrid have signed a 'dominating' centre midfielder from Osasuna. His and another players signing where announced today.

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It's the Fan's Forum HQ :P .

Right.. Vieira. He's nearly thirty, has two years left on his deal and hasn't been at 100% on the pitch. He's still top, top quality though and has the respect of the dressing room which counts for a lot. Players like Henry, Ljungberg etc. might see it as a negative sign if we sell him and the offer of £5mill plus Appiah (who?) is a joke. I think the board would sell for the right price but Wenger will fight it. I'd tell him to sign for life and if he didn't I'd sell.

Apparently 'the Beast' (Baptista) is now off to Barca.

Was very interested that Wenger made public his desire to sign SWP. Apparently he'd sooner come to Arsenal and it may be clever thinking from Wenger. If Chelsea make the first move SWP could just turn them down knowing we'd be in for him.

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Mourihno is sounding off today with regards to David Dein's position on the FA board. It's clear to see that the bloke can't hold his hands up and say they were beaten by the better teams on the day in the CL, and seems to be firing blame at the fixture scheduling. David Dein clearly decides that.

If our fixtures hadn't been ridiculous a couple of years ago, maybe the league would have been a different story. I really hope he gets called up on this, he is rapidly turning into a very bitter person.

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I remember ManYoo insisting the Arsenal doctors where removed from the England camp. It's paranoia and insulting to the individuals involved. David Dein isn't the only man at the FA and the records show Arsenal have been on the wrong end of fixtures and decisions etc. in the past. I don't see what the alternative is. Maybe a bunch of people from outside of the game, who aren't in touch? That would be ridiculous. Perhaps an innocuous choice like the Bolton, Southampton or Charlton chairman to keep everyone happy? Equally ridiculous, since that calls Dein's integrity into question. Mourinho needs to shut up. It's all mind games anyway.

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It was probably a retort at Wenger's comments (or should I say 'slamming') about waiting for Chelsea to make the first moves in the transfer market. Again, he was quoted entirely out of context and made to look like he was critising Chelsea, which he wasn't.

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It was probably a retort at Wenger's comments (or should I say 'slamming') about waiting for Chelsea to make the first moves in the transfer market. Again, he was quoted entirely out of context and made to look like he was critising Chelsea, which he wasn't.

Exactly. What Wenger said was true enough. If Chelsea go in for SWP Man City would hold out for a lot more than if anyone else went for him. Same as what happened with Drogba last year and same as what is happening now with Essien. Selling clubs know money is no object for Chelsea so they take advantage, other buying clubs know this too so they are wasting their time once Chelsea go for a player.

What's the views on this?


I guess it depends how much we get and who we replace him with.

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He's currently irreplacable with the money available. There's no way we could get someone with such a pedigree.

Agreed. Amazing scoring record last year. (Just prem by the way.)

1 Thierry Henry Arsenal 25

2 Andrew Johnson Crystal Palace 21

3 Robert Pires Arsenal 14

4 Jermain Defoe Tottenham 13

5 Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink Middlesbrough 13

6 Frank Lampard Chelsea 13

7 Aiyegbeni Yakubu Portsmouth 13

8 Andy Cole Fulham 12

9 Peter Crouch Southampton 12

10 Eidur Gudjohnsen Chelsea 12

If he did leave and maybe Reyes played on the left, we'd need another striker. Although Freddie and perhaps Hleb can play there but some sort of attacking replacement is needed if he goes.

Always suprises me how ruthless AW can be when he decides he wants someone out.

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I can kinda understand why other clubs would question DDs position at the FA but to suggest the fixtures have been rigged is outrageous and nothing more than shit stirring on Chelsea's part. Are there any depths that Club won't sink to?

"Mourinho said: "A person who works in the club should not work in the FA. The FA is the FA and the club is the club."

"He also claims Arsenal get to play on Sundays following Champions League outings, whereas Chelsea are forced to play on Saturdays.

After the six midweek dates allocated to group games for the Champions League:

Chelsea play five away games and one at home

Arsenal play five at home and two away"

Doesn't seem too unreasonable to suggest that perhaps we've been particularly unlucky, or the fact that someone with a vested interest in the future of Arsenal might possibly have been involved in the various stages of fixture decisions.

And surely it can't be too hard to find some out of work managers etc who have experience of football to have a role in the FA? Or perhaps people who have business acumen and might not spend their time schtupping their secretaries.

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In fairness, Fergie's been saying the same for about five years now.

I wouldn't say so. Like he said, maybe in five years Peter Kenyon would be serving the FA in a same role for Chelsea.

In my opinion, noone in a position to profit from the success of a club should be involved with the ruling body.

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Whether or not Dein is personally guilty. there is no question that in principle a division of powers is a step in the right direction, particularly for an association with a history of incompetence and claims of corruption such as the FA. It's understandable that in this case Mourinho may be personally wrong about Dein and his point may easily be viewed as little more than a personal attack, but that isn't to the discrepency of his central point.

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Fear Not Arsene is the Man to sort this out, We're still bringing through talented young players Cesc Fabregas, Flamini & Quincy for Example, Van Persie will be ok it's the usual story of posh tart gets snubbed so cries rape. Viera will stay as will Pires and Campbell.

Sad thing is Players are more interested in wages than silverware nowadays.

Chelsea have shown you can buy success but it will never taste as sweet

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