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Well that's a bit silly really. Mascherano has bullied your midfield on a couple of occasions, and knows Arsenal much better than Busquets. Busquets is one over-rated motherfucker man! He plays with the same guys for club and country, and sometimes with Xabi Alonso! trust me, he'd be a Spanish Michael Carrick in any other team, and I'd be relishing the chance to get at him if I was you.

I don't know about that. He;s come a long way since the World Cup. He;s definitely more of a Darren Fletcher than a Michael Carrick.

Oh man, I'm so excited about this, been waiting for months.. I hope you feckin' smash them. Either way it's got to be a good game, I really hope Nasri starts though. What's going on with Chamakh? is he injured?

I don't think he's injured, it's just hard to get a game when Van Persie is literally on fire.

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I don't think he's injured, it's just hard to get a game when Van Persie is literally on fire.

Yes, I think his class ignited.

In other cocking news, I have to work late tonight and just discovered Sky Player is blocked at work. Shitsticks.

Edit - it's on ITV, of course! Oh frabjous day!

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Busquets: significantly better than Carrick. Not convinced? This quite incredible article will convince you:


I love ZonalMarking! they should blatantly get that guy to replace Andy Gray. Yeah, of course I've over-exaggerated somewhat with my assessment of Busquets, but he isn't as integral as a lot of people make out. He won't split a good defence in two with a through ball, like Xabi Alonso does, and he won't leave you for dust breaking down an attack and igniting a counter like Mascherano or Essien does. He covers the defence, and makes 4 yard passes to Xavi, who is always available. He can definitely be got at.

Edit: Just wondered if Chamakh was available off the bench. Pique is pretty good in the air, but Chamakh is so good at getting in between the centre backs. It's a shame you haven't really got a consistently good crosser of the ball to compliment him. Would be an awesome plan B.

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Your defensive line is so shit! If you're gonna play a high line, then at least be in a line!!! There was 3 warnings before the goal, and still somehow Clichy is standing 2 yards behind the rest of his defenders admiring Villa'a arse! Arsenal have played some nice stuff though, RVP needs to stop being so greedy! Wilshire is so class!

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