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A change of attitude is key I feel for some real improvement - I feel it's the most important change we need to make.

This is the key point - we are six weeks away from the CL qualifier and somehow have to reverse the ultra-depressing trend of failing every hurdle placed in our way since finishing runners up in last year's CL group.

I can't say any of the proposed new signings get me very excited though.

Gloomy days for gooners.

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Eboue is going to hand in a transfer request if he finds out he wasn't invited to the boat-trip since he'd bought a bikini especially.

Nah, he was there, cheering on the boss...

post-1650-019272500 1309950851_thumb.jpg


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Oh just some opinions from people on the internet, here's one quote - Durante: "Alvarez wasn't a regular at Velez. He won't play at Inter." That's from Gunnerblog and then some noise about problems in his personal life. I honestly haven't a clue about him either so how much truth there is to any of this I don't know. Of course, I'll believe what makes missing out on him a good thing!

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it would seem that any and every player transfer in this window was a target for arsenal that they failed to secure.

I thought this. We were also after Stefan Savic who Man City have just signed but it seems we had him on trial last year and it didn't happen for some reason. So either we waited until everyone is after him to try and sign him or didn't fancy him after all.

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My theory is that Wenger's trolling the rest of the football world. "Hai guyz, I'm interested in le Joey Barton." Then he waits for Man City to buy Barton for £45m. Soon, nobody will have any money left and so he'll be able to pick up the players he actually wants on the cheap with no competition from City et al, who are left with an expensive team of Arsenal rejects.

More so than they are already.

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I'll be honest, I'd never heard of him so I'm not fussed.

That's how I feel too.

We've all just lost the plot and want us to sign anyone really. I mean is this guy even an international? Surely he's a nowhere near good enough replacement for Cesc/Nasri.

Is he really that good anyway?

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Interesting Opta fact:

Gervinho was the only player to reach double figures for both goals (15) & assists (10) in 2010/11 in Ligue 1. Talent.

He is also the only player in Ligue 1 whose forehead reached double figures for inches if measured from the top of the eyebrows to hairline. Spam.

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