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The Rllmuk Online Poker Classic Season 1

Graham S

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A 10 week season would have the next GRAND FINALE in the week 5th - 10th December.

If we make it much longer we'll be going over the Xmas period. I don't know if that should be a consideration?

Sounds good to me. We could try a 10-week season with the F1-style scoring system along with the bumper Christmas game for higher stakes. Then we could perhaps switch to the slightly longer 'quarterly' games suggested further up for 2006.

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Sounds good to me. We could try a 10-week season with the F1-style scoring system along with the bumper Christmas game for higher stakes. Then we could perhaps switch to the slightly longer 'quarterly' games suggested further up for 2006.

This sounds ideal.

I was wondering if anyone would be interested in an additional heads up knock out tournament. Not sure if UB offers heads up play so we could always use a free site to play and let someone trustworthy look after the entrance fees. Games could be scheduled by each pair of players to suit themselves and the tourney would just run for as long as it needed to. Anyone interested? Or would this make things too complicated?

Edit - I'm thinking limit or pot-limit for this. Heads up No limit games could be rather short.

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The vote has been taken, and the prize for the Ultimate Rllmuk Poker Champion has been decided.


I couldn't run to a chunky gold bracelet. This was the best I could manage. But just think of the prestige. You also get to call yourself "The Rllmuk Poker Champion" or "Officially the best poker player on Rllmuk". Not to be sniffed at, I'm sure you'll agree.

You'll have to imagine their beauty glinting at you from the final table, like when they scatter the enormous prize fund on the table when they go heads up on a televised tournament.

The tension is mounting, and the big night is still five days away. I hope Thush and davweb don't have trouble sleeping in the meantime. Don't let the pressure get to you, guys!

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Those look splendid, if not quite gaudy enough for a Poker prize. ;-)

I didn't care that much about winning before but now I really want to come top. Thush - if you're reading this - expect to be put all in early and often. :-)

Edit - very generous of you to get these Graham. How about we have a rule where each Champion provides next season's prize? Or will these get passed around?

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I'm gratified to see there's such a demand to carry them on. It is a bit of a hassle to organise, and I wanted to check it's worth continuing. It seems like quite a few people think it is. Good.

So, some open questions to everyone:

Do you want us to carry on?  DEFINITELY

Are you likely to play our games regularly, or only occassionally, or not at all? REGULARLY - AS LONG AS I'M NOT ON HOLIDAY / AWAY ON BUSINESS / IN JAIL / IN MY MRS, I'LL BE THERE


Should we continue to use UB (remember that getting everyone to sign up again for another poker company would be painful) UB HAS BEEN FINE

Are you happy with the format of the games (MTT NL Hold'em, $5 + $0.50). Should we stick with that game type or should we mix it up a bit somehow? HAPPY WITH THE GAME FORMAT - I AGREE WITH U-1 IN THAT I'M JUST GETTING TO LEARN THIS AND SO WOULD BE RETICENT TO CHANGE AT THE MOMENT. BUY-IN IS ALSO FINE, HOWEVER DO LIKE THE IDEA OF A BIGGER BUY-IN TOURNEY ONCE A QUARTER

What about the league? Should we have 10 games in the season? More games? AFTER CHRISTMAS - IT WOULD BE GOOD TO DO 13 WEEK SEASONS (OR 12 WEEKS PLUS ONE SUPER BUY-IN TOURNEY TO FINISH THE SEASON) Less games? A different points structure? A different method of determining a winner? FORMULA 1 SYSTEM WOULD WORK BETTER AS IT'S MORE DIFFICULT FOR 1 TO WALK AWAY WITH IT AFTER A COUPLE OF WINS

I'm interested in hearing from people like Poet or others who've stopped playing: is there anything we could change that would get you to start playing again?

Any other comments about this season?

Once we've set the rules for next season, we won't be able to change them, so it's best we sort out any niggles now.


In summary, I'd like to thank Graham (and Thush) for all the hard work they've put into this. As a complete novice to the game when this season started, I have thoroughly enjoyed every game (and already learned a hell of a lot). I've looked forward to the next week's game as soon as the last one has finished, and I'd like to think that we can continue.

I realise that the games can be a ball-ache to organise so if there is anything I (we all) can do to make that process easier, then I for one am happy to do whatever is needed. e.g. have a rotation system for organising

Sounds good to me. We could try a 10-week season with the F1-style scoring system along with the bumper Christmas game for higher stakes. Then we could perhaps switch to the slightly longer 'quarterly' games suggested further up for 2006.

Sounds good to me - this up to the bumper Christmas game, then 12 week seasons with a quarterly BUMPER BUY-IN game every 13th week

Finally - the prize looks great - good luck to Thush and Davweb

EDIT: A lot of different font styles there :D

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Just to echo/copy everyone else's thoughts, I am more than happy to continue with NL Hold'em on UB with the same MTT 5+0.5 structure. I'm also in favour of the F1 points system too (especially as it means I would have won by now. Hehe).

Same way of working out the day is OK too. It is a bit tricky for the organiser, especially if UB need a few day's notice, but if The Underscore is OK with it, I am.

I'm happy to go with either the 10 week or 13 week league. It might be nice having an overall league for the year (maybe convert this league's points to F1-stylee?).

I like the idea of a Xmas extravaganza too with a little higher buy-in (10 USD?).

Many thanks to The Underscore for setting this up in the first place and for organising it. I know it took a lot of research to get his up-and-running. Thanks to everyone that has played too. It wouldn't be much of a game without you guys. :D


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Yes, if I haven't already mentioned it I'll create a new Season 2 thread with Jesse May's account once we've finished Season 1. I can then share the login details around so people can take turns each week with the admin, editing the first post, mailing UB, and so on.

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Playing Tues 27 Sept 9pm (Rllmuk name : Ultimate Bet Account Name) - 12 people

Graham_S : Graham_S

Commander Jameson : Thush

davweb : davweb

Soong : TheSoong

Billy Brown : Bill E Brown

Sideshow : Sideshow Mark

lucanvortex: Lucanvortex

Stifler : Stiflertime

Burning_Kittens : Burning_K

Jonamok : jonamok

Nimmel : Nimmel

Ross : gustocmf

:o Sorry. thought I'd already said

Definitely in for Tuesday

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Continue the way we began, I think.

Having one set day to play seems like a good idea in theory but as I work late evenings on alternate nights of the week (ie If I work Monday night this week it means I'm off monday Night next week) it means I would have missed 5 out of the ten games in Season One, whilst the way we've been doing it means that I've only missed one game.

I think we should keep the buy in the same as any higher would put off new players.

Ten weeks for this season is fine. if we get a few more regular players we should look at making season three longer.

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Out in 5th despite being in a strong position thanks to a stupid move when I had a regular straight to Graham's Ace-high straight. Still, I enjoyed it hugely while it lasted.

Here's to next season. Huge thanks to Graham (and Thush, of course) for all the organisation and administrative duties this time around. It's hugely appreciated.

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