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Russell Simins is a true hero. :)

Holy shit, thanks so much for posting this - what a performance. Imagine being some kid watching that at the time in the middle of the day, mind.blown.

I saw the Blooez Explosion years ago and my overriding memory was that they pretty much didn't stop playing the entire set, Simins is a drumming machine. I love how Spencer runs through the kit near the end without him missing a beat.

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:wub: Yes, yes and thrice yes.

There's a comment on that youtube page that that performance is possibly the greatest thing ever committed to TV. I could agree with this statement. And Simins is one of the main reasons I've grown into such a percussion happy loon. He can take the simplest of beats and use his wands to magick something into it that makes it irresistibly infectious.

Taken me bloody nigh on 4 hours tonight to manage to upload this frikkin video. :lol: Had a 'mare of a time trying to get Windows Movie Maker to recognise the correct track duration. Anyway, some Special Benny. The opening song off their Toys album.

I think this might be my favourite album of 2010 so far (I'm not entirely convinced yet that it's consistent enough across all eleven tracks). That said, it's certainly my favourite album cover art of 2010 so far. :D

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I really like that brief period in Minstry's output that falls between the synth pop and the more metal industrial of the later records. Also, Jourgensen still hasn't quite dropped his silly Anglo-accent at this point, which is a bonus.

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Oh, I'm having a Magnetic Fields moment. I won't be satisfied until I've worked my way through their entire back catalogue now. I'm going to be here for a while.

Because I am a gentleman

Think of me as just your fan

Who remembers every dress you ever wore

Good work, Stephin. Good work.

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Hm, a Merritt Off sounds like a plan actually; I've an uncertain morning ahead of me & I could maybe make use of his musical musings. Been going through wake-up rituals with Realism on in the background at least thanks to your post.


I had neither friend nor toy

Never knew I could.

When I found this lonely road

Off I walked for good.


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