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Neat little top comment on YouTube for once:

'3:39 - The ship enters a dangerous asteroid field. 4:33 - Warp drive engaged.'

I wonder how many times I've listened to Vision Creation Newsun now? Thousands, probably.

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Right now (and probably for the next couple of days) I'm listening to Harry Nilsson, having bought the 17CD box set. Currently it's the (unreleased demos) with Dr John (on the end of the 'Knnillssonn' album.

Here's the first track off the album, just lovely:

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If santa claus really existed, and really delivered presents, and the world wasn't big enough to sustain the awesomeness of both he and sufjan stevens, and one had to return to his home planet..

He is the deliverer of aural delight, it reaches ridiculous levels on this track. He could make a track lasting 4 hours and I don't think I'd get bored. I need to engineer it so that somehow I can listen to this track as I'm taking my last breathe. That would be perfect. It is perfect. I was left speechless the first time I heard this track.

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