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Just listening to it for the first time - bought on the strength of that cover art (it is lush), and a couple of brief listens on youtube. Not loving the lead singer's voice so far, but the music is selling it.

So far, it's an odd mix of 70s-style prog/folk acoustic, breaking into much more modern rock. It's a lot less heavy than their earlier albums, right?

Yeah, pretty much. His voice is a lot cleaner than it was on Red and Blue which are quite heavy and shouty - bar the odd one or two songs, I much prefer Yellow and Green. Hopefully his singing will have matured further for the next album which is due fairly soon, I think. Old fans probably consider this heresy but for my money they're heading in the right direction. The older stuff sounds pretty crude to me. They seem to be on a similar arc to Clutch.

Music-wise you should check out Jake Leg, The Gnashing and A Horse Called Golgotha on Blue. I'm not hugely keen on the old vocals but the guitar licks are amazing on all of those!

Edit - I just love that sludgey, bluesy southern rock sound. I'm a big fan of Baroness, Mastodon, Clutch and a few others, although I've only just started to dip my toes into it really.

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Ooooh, how were Django Django? I wanted to see them but they were playing the same night as something else I'd tickets for.

They were great. The set started badly with a pretty poor rendition of Hail Bop (one of my favourites) but it got better and better as it went through. The encore was a version of Silver Rays which was frankly amazing.

This here:

2:30 :omg:

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