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The instrumental for this made the charts as You Got The Love (unforgivably covered by Florence - live has to be the worst thing Ive ever heard)


but the original is something i used to hear loads played over the dodgem PA in the fairground i worked during summer, still got original 12”



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On 12/04/2019 at 06:58, Qazimod said:

The Chemical Brothers’ No Geography album. It can be hit and miss at times but there are some great slow and chilled tracks on there :wub: 



I think its the best thing (an album as a whole) they've done in a very long time. For want of a better word its 'fun'. Heavyweight but warm and comforting.


Thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish. I bought the vinyl version after work today because it needed added to the collection. 

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It's cheesy as heck... I guess? But sometimes you need to be reminded why a classic is a CLASSIC.


Just came up on my YouTube feed:



(Don't read the comments if you want to keep a dry eye.)

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