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Not Owning Every Current Generation Console


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I have all 3 this gen. Next gen I'm planning to just buy one console. Says it all really.

I accept that they all have great games, but in retrospect I don't think I'd be 'missing out' on the other playform exclusives, there was no game this gen that I'd really miss that much from not having it. Maybe outrun 2. Maybe.

And for the fans of the eye rolling emoticon, avert your gaze, I'm giving my opinion on the consoles now;

PS2, has the largest amount of games that I like. Hence, the 'one console' I'm planning on getting next gen is a ps3.

Xbox - Outrun 2 is delish. Halo and KOTOR made me fall in love with the console. Halo 2, KOTOR 2, and 12 dirty disc errors in a row (!!), and the horrible, horrible xboxlive community made me hate it.

Gamecube - Erm. I appreciate the brilliance of a lot of the titles of this console, but never really play it. Tres bizarre.

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I've got all three, with about 15 games for the PS2, 20 for the Xbox and 2 for the Cube. I'm an action fan, and so whilst RE4 was utter brilliance, I've gone through Cube games like wild fire, as in the main they've just bored the arse off me. I gave Metroid and Zelda a full weekend each to impresss me, but - as I say - adventuring and exploration just doesn't do it for me, and this seems to be the Cubes area of excellence. Just chalk and cheese, I'm still looking forward to Geist and Batallion Wars, and I'll doubtless give twilight princess a whirl.

In general though, give me stuff like God of War, Ratchet and Clank, Halo and PSi- Ops and I'm happy, so really it'll all hinge on how Revolutionary the Revolution is before I go with the big N again, though that being said, I do love my DS B)

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never bought a ps2. Most the games I was intersted in seemed to get hyped up and fade away.

Wanted rez until i "tested" a pirate dreamcast version, deciding I don't really like it.

Would still like to play ICO.

Castlevania, flipnic ,and others i can't even remember now got a lot of praise yet nobody mentions them now.

The silent hill series, though i could get 2 + 4 for the xbox now. Though playing them at a friends felt disturbing, not enjoyable (not helped being wasted at the time), and they're also very expensive.

Basically gaming seems like a waste of time.

Buying CDs I find very enriching, and is also good as I have a lot of musical friends and play instruments.

which is also a better way to spend my time.

Also, I have friends now so don't have to entertain myself by buying more and more games.

I also have weed now. So I spend all my money on weed and cds.

I really regret the amount of time I wasted spending money and time on just games.

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