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On 23/09/2022 at 18:22, little che said:

I've very nearly finished Fairy Tale. Very much a book of two Half's, the first half before the fairytale aspect is oddly the more interesting part. The fairytale part of the book is not very well developed and there is a huge section which is a bit boring.

Average King.


The 'huge section', is that:



The journey to the castle? 


In which case, I totally agree. I was about to give up, but after the initial few chapters in the:




...it gets back up to speed with the Fair One. 


I'm about 90% through but yeah, unless it turns around in a fabulous denouement, I'd agree. A bit better than average but, compared to his other front and centre Fairy Tale stories (The Wind through the Keyhole, The Eyes of the Dragon) feels under-developed. 

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I quite liked it even though the main character is an utter drip. He's one of the most boring protagonists King has ever created.

I went the audible route and quite glad I did as there is an utterly fantastic section early on involving a 


cassette recording


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I'm not really a fan of his fantasy stuff and I'm finding this a real slog. Not helped by Charlie being an insufferable character. I get King is in his 70's and there's no way he's writing a convincing teenage boy but this is particularly bad. No teenager on the planet thinks and acts like this kid. 

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16 hours ago, gingerling said:

Give ebay a go as well. I have bought several King books from there that were mega cheap.

I do like the idea of that but my compulsive nature means I'd end up buying all his books in a week :P

I like the thrill of the charity shop hunt so far. Will try Boscombe this weekend.

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