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"If it's up there i'll give you the money myself!"

"Get off"

I nearly befouled by pants at that point.

Just brilliant, this series just went into different league as far as I'm concerned, absolutely fucking hilarious.

Funny seeing little what's his face from City Lights in there too, be nice to see him making a comeback. But Les Dennis ... ;)

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Funny no-one's talking about the sub-plot with the woman. I thought that was just as good - especially the sinister father-and-daughter performance at the party was especially cringeworthy.

"Don't apologise to me, apologise to them. They're the ones that think you ruined it"

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Especially her expression when she sat down next to the Gran.

I really want to like this program and this episode was very funny but as a whole it's not really grabbing me at all. In the immortal words of Les in the best bit of the series so far "I don't really know...."*

*Said in a Mavis Riley accent while on top of a woman.

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I think it's an excellent, well-written show, but it's not consistently hilarious.

Last night's was the best, as it had a fair bit more depth, but was also possibly the least funny.

To quote Patrick Marber from the Alan Partridge DVD commentary: "there's a growing popularity for very tragic, unfunny comedy."

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I've been rewatching the early eposides and find it funnier and funnier.

Badly remembered quotes:

"What are you doing here?"

"Just... getting some lunch"

"Ooo, same here"

"Yeah, just letting it cool down here for a bit though"

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Ep5 is fucking aces, and I'm not just saying that because it's not supposed to be on until Thursday :( Samuel L jackson isn't in it much, which is good- it's nice to see they haven't milked the guest appearances. I'm liking Andy Millman even more as each episode goes by, the cemetary scene in this one is brutally funny, and the meal is just brilliant :D You've also just got to love Maggie, she's fantastic.

MAGGIE: So how long have you been in this lark then?

ACTOR: Oh, I've only been acting a couple of years. Y'know, done a couple of plays. I'd like to do more film but they're, they're hard to come by so I'm just, I'm just trying to get into TV.

MAGGIE: Sure, yeah.

ACTOR: I mean to be honest, there's not a lot of black faces needed on Television

MAGGIE: No... Oh, Crimewatch?


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A second series has been commissioned by the BBC & HBO.

http://media.guardian.co.uk/broadcast/stor...1550750,00.html - you have to sign up

Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant's popular BBC2 sitcom Extras has earned a second series commission, with two episodes of the first run still to be broadcast.

Gervais's hapless "background artiste" Andy Millman will return to BBC2 next year in the second series of the show, which is again expected to run for six episodes.

Co-star Ashley Jensen will reprise her role as Millman's dim-witted friend and fellow extra Maggie Jacobs, and Merchant will also be back as his ineffectual agent.

US cable channel HBO has signed on as co-producer of the second series of Extras, before even beginning transmission of the first run, which launches in America on September 25.

Edit: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/t...dio/4159100.stm

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However I am getting a tiny bit bored of Gervais' "digging himself deeper while trying to get out of an awkward situation" routine which he does a bit too frequently.

I don't actually remember him doing it in the last epsiode, although he did in the first three.

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Oh man! I hope they do gays next week. Awkward AIDS jokes a-hoy! Or Jews. Properly. Awkward holocaust jokes a-hoy! Or cancer patients. Awkward bald jokes a-hoy. :D

Stupid girl: You're bald.

Cancer Patient: I've got cancer.

Stupid girl: Oh, so it'll grow back?

Cancer Patient: Well, I might die.

Stupid girl: But at least you're not a real baldy.

Ricky Gervais is in the background pulling that hilarious face.

Enter famous bald person.

Fuck Off.

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but Gervais' habit of reverting to Brent mode was far more overt

I don't really see much of Brent in Extras - I'm not sure why people keep saying that. That episode where he insulted the Christian group was pretty close, but that's about it.

He reminds me much more of his stand up persona. He's much more self-aware than Brent.

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I feel cheated. I was given an opening scene involving Mr. Jackson, and was finally offered a relatively funny but forgettable sketch with him involved at the end. Imbetween was 25 minutes of the most boring, pathetic, and really non-sensical series of conversations which repeated the same material with different backgrounds.

THIS SHOW IS NOT AS GOOD AS YOUR MIND IS MAKING YOU BELIEVE I said to 'the office' fans recently.

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I think it was hilarious tonight. The only scene that ruined it for me was when he put his face in the soup. Totally unbelievable.

It's telling that hardly anyone in this thread refers to the main character as 'Andy', instead just saying Gervais. I do think Ricky Gervais just plays himself in all his roles, some more watered-down and reserved than others. But when he's that funny, does it really matter?

I'm surprised no one mentioned how the main black guy on tonights episode was identical to the one from The Office too. His personality and voice were so similar. Odd.

From best to worst, I'd put them in this order:

1. Les Dennis

2. Kate Winslet

3. Samuel L Jackson

4. Ross Kemp

5. Ben Stiller :D

Maybe if I watched the first two again I'd enjoy them more, now I know the characters better.

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As much as I'm enjoying it, it really is starting to come across as a weaker, far less funny Curb Your Enthusiasm.

The second series needs to see it focus more on comedy coming from the characters themselves, and not just from "hilarious awkward accidentally offensive comments, etc, wash/rinse/repeat."

The Office was brilliant because it was all about the characters. This is like a big step backwards.

But like I said, it's pretty good.

Oh, and scrap the celebrity cameos. K THX BYE.

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