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Couldn't see a thread on this top show so I thought I'd bring it to the attention of peeps not in the know.

The premise is basically 4 twenty-somethings living the good life in Hollywood - kind of a "Swingers the TV show" - the main difference here being that one of them has hit it big.

So while Swingers was more about struggling actors desperate for their big break, Entourage is more about what happens after that. The big deals, picking the scripts, avoiding the turkies, dealing with moody LA talent, banging Britney clones, etc. It's kinda fascinating and hilarious at the same time.

Best thing about it though is Jeremy Piven (Very Bad Things, Black Hawk Down, Larry Saunders), playing a slimey arse hole anti-christ of an agent. He pops up for about 5 minutes per episode and reels off classic lines like a man possessed.

Don't think it's showing this side of the pond yet, but as always the internet preview channel is more than up for the job. Stick with it after the pilot though, as it takes an episode or two to really kick in.

Anyone else a fan?

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Love this show.

It has really got into it's groove this season.

Kevin Dillon's characther Johnny Drama is the best thing in it - a few episodes back had him trying to get into a Playboy Mansion party after being banned years ago due to an incident with Hef's monkeys! They even had Ralph Macchio playing himself.

Anyone see the latest episode with Vinnie doing a commercial for a chinese Red Bull?


I see from the preview on the HBO site for Sunday's episode that -

they are at Sundance and James Cameron is in it

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Strange, I was about to start a thread on this as I'd never seen anything about it on the forum before. But yes, I completely agree- what a show. And the Swingers comparison is perfect, thats exactly how I sell it to people. Plus, Jeremy Piven is a monster. It's worth watching the show just for him.

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Just finished watching the first season. As soon as I saw Larry Charles (a writer from Seinfeld) I knew I was going to like it. It got better through with each episode with the last 2 being crackers.

Season 1 Last Episode

So many good moments in this mainly down to unexpected cameos.

First Larry David appears with a well time rant then Larry Charles is sat in the audition scene. The whole CSI:Minnesota bit was great including his audition. Then finally Scarlet shows up at the end. Looking forward to watch season 2 now.

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I caught up on Seasons 1 & 2 recently, watching them all in the space of a few nights and really enjoyed them.

Watching Season 3 at one a week exposes the show of how light it is on content. Hardly anything seems to actually happen in an individual episode. Maybe I've become accustomed to hour long shows (or 45 mins minus ads) but Entourage feels a bit empty at the mo.

I still enjoy the show, just not as much. I think most of my enjoyment comes from my interest in movies and behind the scene stuff, not the actual writing quality of the show.

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