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  • 2 months later...
Righto. Well it looks like I'm 8 gig away from catching up with this thing. Should more than fill in the gap that Heroes has left.

i was downloading episodes in about 30 minutes so shouldnt take that long. Its so good once it gets going.

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  • 4 weeks later...

I finished watching all of the first 3 series this week. Bloody loved it. On paper I should hate it. It sounds like the kind of OC aspirational bullshit that I hate, but the characters are likable and the dialogue is snappy and witty.

Poor Ari - he was the best character in the whole show and apparently that's it for him. When the show comes back (this monday I think) they'll have a new agent. I have a feeling the show may have now jumped the shark if that's the case.

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Well looking at the trailer on the HBO site he's certainly not gone. More fighting back from the brink and against the new agent.

Both this and Sopranos back on the same day as well (Sunday US). Ooh the excitment.

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Does anyone else think that Vincent is actually the least likable character in the whole show?

I have a mild obsession with that publicist. Look her up on IMDB - she's the catty bitch in everything. Most notably Maria in GTA :ph34r:

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Just watched the latest. I'm seriously addicted to this so don't know how i missed this thread until now!

Good episode I thought - lots of quality Drama lines as per usual.

Good to see that even though Ari's been fired he appeared as much (if not more) than usual!

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