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Yeah, it was really good. Busy Phillips is a long-time love of mine.

And Ari's mercy dash to rescue Lloyd was superb. We may be whores but we're not pimps.

Loved her since she was Audrey on Dawsons Creek and shes in E.R. just now to! My biggest star crush by far.

And that pimp/whore line is amazing.

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I don't know how any of you can find the four core characters boring- the interplay between them is amazing. They just rag on each other constantly. It wouldn't be the same if a single one of them was missing.

Ari is still the best though.

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I still love this show and all (hell, I started the thread), but I've come to the conclusion that nothing bad ever really happens. At all. For instance, the big dillema this week was whether Vince should f**k his amazingly hot agent or not.

It's basically a show about a guy who gets to live his dream life.

Which is fine I guess...

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A decent episode. No Loyd, however. :(

Where the hell is Shauna, though? Debi Mazar's name is still in the opening credits even though she hasn't been in it for about 6 or 7 episodes, now. Not that she was ever in it that much, anyway, but it's just strange that she's just disappeared.

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Hmm, I think this episode was the most farcical Entourage I've ever seen. Which isn't so good, as the show has always tended to keep that in check quite well. Most of it was good, but the Drama storyline was like something you'd see in Scrubs. I'm still loving the show, but less episodes like that please.

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