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I wonder how much the death of Bruno Kirby has forced them to change the scripts for the recent episodes. It was his character that was going to produce Medellin.

Bruno Kirby died? :wub:

Last year. Leukaemia, apparently.

Harry Met Sally. City Slickers. Spinal Tap. Godfather II. Larry Sanders. Homicide. Entourage.

He'll be missed.

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Season 4 starting 2 weeks after 3 ends is a little odd.

These episodes were supposed to be aired ages ago, but they were held back to start alongside The Sopranos when that was postponed from January 'til April. I think Gandolfini broke his leg or something.

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Fucking great episode, last night, I thought. :( Nice to have the guy playing Billy Walsh back, he great. Shauna, too. She must've been missing for about 13 episodes or something, where the fuck's she been?

Apperantly they did a lot of filming for season 4 in Europe, so I presume we'll actually get to see the movie-making process this time instead of season 4 picking up just after they've finished it. Should be interesting. Don't know what that means for Ari, though. Surely he won't be going with them? Maybe they'll split the screen time between Ari & Loyd/Mrs Ari in L.A. and Vince & the boys in Europe(Spain?) like they split it a few episodes ago when Ari wasn't their agent?

I do hope they're not dropping Piven. It'd be a fucking disaster. :(

On the other hand I could be talking nonesense, and the only filming they did in Europe might just have been at film festival like Cannes or something.

Only two weeks 'til we find out, I guess.

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Man. E's girlfriend is insanely gorgeous.

Odd scheduling with the new season coming up straight away, but I ain't complaining. Mild spoiler about the first episode for those curious...

Apparently the whole ep is a mockumentary on the making of Vince's new flick.

Agree with all the peeps wondering why it's only half an hour though - it really needs an hour slot, dunnit?

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I haven't read this thread too closely as I'm trying to avoid spoilers, so I have a quick question: where are you all watching the show? Is it on Sky / torrent? I watched S1 and S2 on ITV2 - I'm not missing a new season am I?

If not, does anyone know when it'll be on ITV2 again?


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