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I Found "the Spot"


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I was in NY last week and met up with a mate of mine, who was deejaying electro at the rather swanky tribeca grand hotel, his DJ partner and roommate told me he worked at a "used record store" and I should call in to go "digging" the day after..

I had NO idea what this place would turn out to be...

As a few of you may have seen in the documentary "scratch" - DJ shadow is walking / climbing around in an undisclosed basement in NY known to hip hop deejays as "the spot"

I got given free run of the basement of this unnasuming shop and almost died...

sadly I only got about 2-3 hrs of digging done and barely scratched the surface of this treasure trove of funk, disco, rock, prog, electro and hip hop.....

apparently photographs are prohibited, but my girlfriend had already snapped a bunch before we got told.... heh..


that's me wondering how long I can stay down there before my girlfriend decides to storm off and leave me in the 'hood



a very rapid MPEG walkthrough of the entire basement

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Wow! You lucky bastad, I could spend weeks in there. Just look at all those records :)

seriously.. you'd need a vacation just to go through half of the damn place... the rules surounding "the spot" are somewhat scary... disrespecting the basement can lead to a stern kicking from local hip hopstas


taking one of these down with you is a necessity...

a battery operated turntable :P

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How do you disrespect it? Looks like the owners are doing a pretty good job of it by stacking the records like that.  :)

That looks like one hell of a place though.

well, they mean don't go down there smoking pot, being stupid, taking gangs of mates in there, stuff like that

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well, they mean don't go down there smoking pot, being stupid, taking gangs of mates in there, stuff like that

Surely everybody knows record shopping is a solo pursuit. That place looks awesome, and I fucking hate the 'Americanism' that is the word awesome, but it seems most appropriate here. Did you buy anything? I take it you didn't have your battery operated turntable with you on holiday :)

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Blimey! It would probably be worth just grabing as much as you could carry. Anything you ended up not using could be put on ebay.

well, in theory, but that place isn't exactly keeping the records in mint condition. I found plenty of stuff that I would have bought but it was scratched to shit....

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Way to go.

Why do people act like this? Like you said, anybody getting funny down there would get their teeth kicked in.

because I was told not to blab off the location to everyone, ok?

the main "acting funny" they want to avoid is teenage pricks hanging around there all day hoping some turntablist guy will show up...

cant see why anyone outside of regular US visitors/resident would care anyway.

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