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Resident Evil 5- 360/PS3


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But the T-Virus was engineered by umbrella. They probably just go back to umbrella's old labs or the old mansion or something like that.

The t-virus was a modified version of another virus.

I'm assuming Umbrella is an ancient organisation which had a hand in the discovery and spread of las plagas, and that the T/G viruses were engineered from it.

I doubt that very much.

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Y'know what? I played this yesterday. Y'know what else? It was a lot clunkier than it should have been. It feels more like controlling a vehicle (like the frozen lake bit in gears 2) than it does controlling a person. However, Resi 4 felt really weird at first, so I'm still confident it'll be fine. Fingers crossed.

I swear now someone is bribing people to come into this thread and describe the controls as "clunky", purely because they know it triggers some kind of vocabularic rage in me.

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Update from Capcom:

"It has been brought to our attention that the recently issued packaging for the Limited Edition version of Resident Evil 5 on Xbox 360 contains an error. It wrongly stated that the game supported 2-16 players via system link. The correct number of players supported via system link is in fact two. Please accept our apologies for this mistake and any confusion this may have caused."

Ah well.

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