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It's a boring memory game. Not even logical.










Ok I've written those numbers down in a specific order on a piece of paper. Get them in the same order as I've got them and you win.

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Not strictly true monkey

e.g. When you put the castle in too late it doesn't get big enough for the men to be able to fight the beast, so you can deduce that the castle must be made on step 3 or before, it's not entirely guesswork after the first couple of tries. ;)

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I liked this one. The original grow had 10 items to put on an abstract ball and it was too confusing with little logic. In this one its shorter and has more logic to it, I got hooked and eventually did it.

Only gripe being that you can't skip the bloody animations. I KNOW THE DRAGON IS GOING TO DIE! I DON'T WANT TO WATCH IT 50 TIMES!

Good wee game, I checked out the rest on the site and they are quite interesting but not as fun. Try out the mole slapping one, as the levels get higher there's some ingenious ideas in there.

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