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Winning Eleven 9 Impressions


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I've played 4 games so far, will play more tomorrow, but for now...

As for slowdown, I gave up on we8le cos of it, but in this game, it has not annoyed me at all so far. There is a tiny amount, when in replays or goal kicks, but I do mean tiny, + believe me I'd be the 1st to complain if it ruined the game, which it doesn't.

The offside reply camera has been greatly improved, it looks far more like a replay you'd see on tv + shows the offence from a high angled type of view + works very well.

The facial likenesses have been greatly improved, I was playing as chelsea + the animation for Lampard for example was very impressive.

There is now an unbelieveable amount of choice when it comes to formations. Choose 4-4-2 for example, + then you will find around 18 variations of 4-4-2. :(

When crossing the ball into the box, the keepers now are much more likely to claim the ball if it comes near the 6 yard box. I crossed 1 to the edge ot the box expecting the usual weak headed effort, + was shocked to see my player crack it on the volley. Have to try that more.

The closing down using the X button is now much more likely to result in a foul, I think there will be a lot of stop/start games until people get used to this, but you do get penalised a lot more often now for putting your foot in. :(

In the menu's I see an option to link to PSP, also an option for nippon challenge whatever that is, but nothing else new.

In the goal celebrations, I had 1 where the camera cut to the crowd, + I see lots of nicely animated chelsea fans in their replica shirts waving scarves round their heads. Nice. :lol:

1 bizarre moment was a shoulder charge on my player that sent him flying backwards about 20 yards + no foul. :wub:

Players seem now to have much better ability when shooting with their weaker foot. Scored a cracking volley with Duffs right foot, + a nice turn + swivel shot by Drogba with his left.

The players seem to me a bit sluggish + unresponsive, but fear not - I always feel that way with a new version of pes until I've played about 20 games.

More tomorrow.

P.S. if anyone knows the japanese for snow as it would appear in the game, it would be appreciated so I can try that out. :D

Also, from another forum:

New and improved online play and interaction. Auto UDP port recognition, ability to change cursor speed during game.

You can add your comments on your own goal.

Translation of quotes;


I did it!

Nice Shot!!


that was close!

I failed....

Good Game

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So it's definitely gonna have most of the real player / team names this time?

Well it's hard to tell from this version since it's all in japanese. :wub:

I think for pro evo 5 only 2 or 3 premiership teams have been properly licensed so there won't be a big change, maybe 2 or 3 per league that doesn't have proper team names etc.

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In the goal celebrations, I had 1 where the camera cut to the crowd, + I see lots of nicely animated chelsea fans in their replica shirts waving scarves round their heads. Nice.  :P

TBH the crowd animations couldnt be much worse than PE4, but this again sounds like the gradual improvement weve come to expect... (Ill still be buying on the first day of release mind)

The Nippon Challenge is where you try and take Japan to the world cup finals I think

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Just had a couple of games, 3 stars, England v Portugal. Initial feeling was, 'wow, this is sooo different', mainly due to the way way players move with the ball. Lots of nice little turns and shielding movements - Gerrard did an audacious first time flick with the outside of his right boot and spun the other way simply to control the ball on the edge of his own box. The biggest change though is the side-step which is now simply executed by pressing the d-pad/analogue to at a 90 degree angle to your running direction, making it a completely natural part of the game. Weird at first but probably a good thing. Obviously this is to accomodate Xbox players who had to use the nasty little black button to use the (essential) side-step in PES4. Also holding the d-pad in a certain direction as you recieve the ball determines how you control it which also negates the need for the R2/Black button for controlling the ball. In fact, it's because of this that there is probably less need for the Super Cancel than ever before, with players movement feeling more free than in previous versions, although i expect it to be necessary to pull off certain moves and volleys.

As usual the wow factor wears off as you start to settle down and get to grips with it's nuances. As Ryanski says, the ref will blow for any mistimed foot-in, so simply holding X without any thought will result in a foul 9 times out of 10, which is a good thing for us dribblers - forces your opponent to think about their tackling. The CPU AI seems much better overall. Players run or pass back towards the safety of their own half to retain possession of the ball and stay out of trouble, whilst skillful players like Deco and Ronaldo will try lots of nice little tricks to get passed. Beckham's crossing is more beautiful than ever, with the ball curving it's way across the box. Free-kicks seem to be a little more friendly, although i only had two or three attempts at goal from them, which failed. (The CPU team scored a beauty though.)

Overall, it's rekindled my love affair with WE/PES as it's sufficiently different and seems to be an improvement, and i just can't wait to master it. Roll on PES5! :lol:

BTW The elastico, flip-flap, call it what you will is executed by certain superstars by tripple tapping R2. Yes, that's "triple" tap. Now why don't they have triple tap features for all the buttons... :ph34r:

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Also holding the d-pad in a certain direction as you recieve the ball determines how you control it which also negates the need for the R2/Black button for controlling the ball

My main problem with PES4 (Xbox version, if it makes a difference) was the players' control of the ball. You'd pass it to them and then they'd enter an animation where they'd be running all over the place trying to control it and keep possession. I never felt in control, and it really frustrated me.

Please, please tell me that that (the quoted bit) sorts this out? I so desperately want a new PES that I get on with.

Alternatively, don't tell me it's my fault, and that I'm shit. I can't handle the truth. :ph34r:

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Can't believe how different this game *feels* compared to WE8LE despite the fact they look near identical.

The integrated side-step dribble is odd, it will take some time to get used to. It also seems to be slightly less effective than previous games. Presumably the integration has something to do with the PSP only having two shoulder buttons as well as the Xbox. It's still possible to do some 90 degree turns though, with the same "release the run button and change directions" thang. In any case, if you hold the direction of the sidestep, the player will turn to dribble in that direction after a second anyway. It's probably the biggest change in the game, TBH.

It's definitely more difficult to dribble again, which is good considering it was way too easy to just go around everyone in LE. (I *broke* that game apart) The pace of the game is much slower and the focus is back on zippy passing again. Seems like Konami can't make up their mind on the speed issue since they change it back and forth every single game. The nice thing this time is that if you manage to get away from the defender, you can accelerate away towards the goal, particularly if you're a speedy player Robben or a Ronaldo.

The AI is rock hard, I only scored 2 goals in 5 games and had to downgrade to 4 stars. I'm crap again! Needless to say, I haven't even attempted R2 shooting yet.

Will have to try some 2-player games later on, since that's the mode I play the most.

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Can you SPRINT in a straight line? Because before you couldn't...unless it was directly horizontal or vertical to the screen. Have they cleared up this hilariously unrealistic part of the game?

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I advise everyone to check the Training guide (last option in the training screen). Lots of golden nuggets of info in there. It shows you how the control method works. Holding R2 traps the ball. Holding R1 lets it run, then you chase it. Just holding the D-Pad will generally cushion the ball in that direction.

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Man, these refs REALLY piss me off. The blow up for every little thing. Doesn't help that all players have the strength of an under 12s netball team. :o Yes, i'm going through that, "i'm really not sure if this is a step forward" phase...

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It depends on the ref as well (all of them have different torelance levels) but they've been like that for the past few games. I don't think it's any worse than the previous iterations.

I think the dribbling balance is spot-on this time. In WE8, it was impossible to break free from defenders if you found an opening, even with a Henry (the catch-up bug), while in WE8LE, it was far too easy, leading to Fifa-esque 5-4 scorelines (in my house anyway). It seems like now they've found the balance between the two, so ocassionally you can break away, but most of the time you'll just give the ball to the defender. So it's how it should be!

No 16:9. To be honest, I don't think the PS2 would be able to handle that much action at once.

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I'm guessing that Southampton are not in it.. or have Konami been their usual selves with keeping up to date with goings on in the world of footie and left them in?

Any of you evil downloaders/importers know?

Oh, and I guess true analogue control is still missing?

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Can you SPRINT in a straight line? Because before you couldn't...unless it was directly horizontal or vertical to the screen. Have they cleared up this hilariously unrealistic part of the game?

Have they fixed this retarded aspect, anyone? Or have they not bothered, believing people can only sprint straight in 4 directions? :D

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So had a quick go last night. One game Arsenal(me) vs Blackburn(computer).

First impressions, like all the new Winning 11 games, its the same but different. Some random thoughts...

Players turn, move, and have more weight than before. When you stop and turn it seems slower but more realistic. The same for when you go into tackle people, in PES4 occasionaly you would have a defender going up to an attacker and the defender is blocked and cant get round. This seems to happen a lot more, you cant just brush into attackers and take the ball. Seemed quite effective. Perhaps I noticed Vieira the most, he received the ball held up play turned slowly like he does in real life and released the ball, really different to PES4 but good...

However alongside that the defenders now seem to tackle without pressing the tackle button, I know this happens in PES4 to an extent but it was blatatly obvious Campbell and co seemed to run alongside attackers and nick the ball away. Need more play to dertermine whats going on here...

Henry is incredible, not sure if this is a reflection on the star players but he seems even more godly, his speed is ridiculous. When you do the super sprint and knock the ball ahead of him he flies, really flies. Charging past defenders. What does this mean? no idea.

A lot more animations, players tripping, skidding, goalies throwing out of the box short to anyone, players sliding. These all seem tied into the player movement really well as mentioned above.

Crossing seems improved, as in Lauren charged down the wing and whipped in a double button cross on target, havent really seen him ever do that before.

Slowdown makes an appearance again.

Passing doesnt seem as slick, or its changed, it seems like the hold down the pass button to play it to the player further away has been changed, it might have more stages to it. Now its tap to pass close, hold a little to pass middle distance and hold long for really far pass. Not confirmed just my passing was really off skew and I couldnt work out why...

AI is improved, Blackburn gave me a proper game, they are the dribble kings! lots of side stepping and pushing on. Highly unrealistic considering it was Dickov taking the piss...final score Arsenal 1 Blackburn 2 AET.

The far camera angle (the one i use) seems to have a sort of squashing effect at the top of the screen, to realistically I guess portay the fact that the players are further away, will take a bit of getting use to.

The gravity and weight of the ball has its yearly update, the ball bounced all over the shop, pinging against knees, knocking about, bobbling here there and everywhere, I like it.

Playing as Arsenal at home, the crowd started cheering as soon as Henry got the ball :D expecting him to do some magic. Also some moves/tackles got claps from the crowd.

Cant wait to play more tonight...

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