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Well I cried. :(



I think the idea was that without God telling the story, Dean or Sam's death could come from even the most minor of monsters, and that's what happened. I did wonder if they would leave it open at the end for a possible "ten years later let's have a special event series", but they closed that door it seems. Unless they want to set something in the middle of Sam's life like some sort of DLC episode.


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7 hours ago, Doctor Shark said:

Hang on...hang on... are you telling me after 15 seasons, after everything they’ve been through, everyone they’ve saved, every evil they’ve vanquished, every challenge met and obstacle overcome....


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Dean dies cus of a rusty nail!?!




Yes because without God writing the story they could die from anything. There was an episode this season about that very idea, planting the seed if you will.


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