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Arrested Development Topic In Cold Brown Taste!


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Only 5? Impossible, but I’ll always enjoy:

- Tobias the mole vs. George Michael in a jet pack.

- Every Franklin moment especially ‘I don’t want no part of your tight-ass country club you freak bitch’.

- Gotta have a Gob moment so probably him trying to throw the cheque into the sea.

- Busters trip to Motherboy.

- The bit when Henry Winkler jumps the shark, just for the sheer meta-ness of it.

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When GOB's coffin opens up and he falls into the pit. And then the dumper truck unleashes its load onto him. I don't think I've ever laughed at a sit-com like I did when I saw that for the first time before or since.

That's my favourite moment, right there. I also love what precedes it:

"You mean you can wear stripper clothes when you're not stripping?"

"You tell me."

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Gob and his $2,400 suit, come on!

I can't remember exactly how the scene goes, but at the end of the episode him and Michael are talking about stuff and it finishes with a really low-key "come on", it's just perfect.

The bleeped out Buster outburst is also brilliant, there's something about beeped out swearing like that that always tickles me, but coming from Buster, it was taken to another level.

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