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Arrested Development Topic In Cold Brown Taste!


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Yet another reason for AD's fantasticalness: jokes and references that you'll only get if you've seen the entire second series, then watch it again.

Example, spoilered for anyone who hasn't already seen all of series two - read at your own risk...

Buster, upon seeing his giant 'hand' chair in Lupe's house: I've got a hand chair like that! I don't know what I'd do without my hand!

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I've only watched 3 episodes but I'm totally smitten with it.

"You can wear your stripping clothes when you're not stripping?"

That killed me.

Also coming on to the gay guy at the start.

And the snoopy when people were sad bit. Totally amazing.

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Me too, but I think Anne's great.

One of the nice things about the programme is that despite all the jokes and irreverance, you still really care about the characters. I really want George Micheal and Anne to get it on, I really want to see Lindsay find a man, I really worry about Buster whenever Oscar is wandering around with his robe open.

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OK, I’ve just watched the first 2 episodes of season 3. I don’t know how the writers can come up with this stuff but this program is nearly killing me it’s so funny. Even the minor plots are awesome and the references to early episodes are so subtle I have to watch episode a few times to get all the jokes.

My highlights.

Busters “I’m a monster” scream

Buster losing his hand to a ‘loose seal’.

Gob not being able to use the phone properly

Maeby and George Michael getting closer

Maebys job at the studio

Gobs ‘Franklin’ puppet. (The funniest character on TV, ever)

Every shot of Busters claw.

Every Ann joke. Her?

It’s all too good. I can’t believe it’s not more popular.

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Well that kind of spoils the whole episode if you hadn't already seen it.

But yes it was fantastic. Not as great as last weeks (which I thought was one of the best to date) but still top notch stuff.

Few other things that I loved:

The whole British thing is getting quite bizarre. Especially when they went inside the American themed restaurant inside Wee Britain.

Tobias still having his new hair, and then dressing up as Lucille.

The Poppin's hitting him again.

I was just antipating Franklin pooping up as soon as that music started up.

Steve Holt saying Gob's classic 'I've made a huge mistake'

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S3. Ep 3.

Not a bad episode last night, but definitely not as brilliant as Season 2. Great to see Franklin back, that little puppet cracks me up, it’s a pity he didn’t have more lines.

I don’t think the British story arc is working, it seems like a re-run of the Tobias/Mr.s Doubtfire plot from S.2.

The Job/ Steve Holt plot is pure gold and the last scene with Job talking the roofie was a classic. The scenes with Steve and Maebe/ George Michael and maybe killed me. The look on Maebe’s face when Steve turned up and saw the candlelit table was priceless.

Buster attacking Rita was just too good and Tobias’s business card were excellent.

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