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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney


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I've been thinking about this game a lot today because I downloaded the soundtrack from Galbadia Hotel.

It made me realise that one of my favourite things about it is the sinister, mysterious linking from investigation to courtroom and back. As "To Be Continued..." appears on screen and you're thinking 'ooh boy, gonna psych myself up for this!'. It's just amazing. I am well and truly pumped for the next one! :)

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I am nearing the end of case 5. Had the game since launch and set aside one evening per week to tackle each case. I love the game so much that I didn't want to dilute the experience with solid daily play.

Quite simply one of the best games in the past 5 years.

No fancy graphics, no licensed soundtracks - just pure unadulterated fun from the minute you press start.

After 4 months of neglect (due to decorating and the purchase of both a 360 and a Wii) I have just finished case 5!

Roll on PW2.


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I started playing this yesterday. I'm now on the second day fo the fifth case. Well, so much for trying to start doing uni work...

The quality of the dialogue is amazing. Apparently the same guy who localised Vagrant story and FFXII.

The 'cought-up-queen' sort of reminded me of Fawful...

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Okay, I finished this today and I'm still hungry for more. When's the sequel out in PAL territories? I know the Japanese version is out and the US version is out soon, but I have a PAL Phoenix Wright and I want the boxes to match. Yes, laugh at my gaming OCD...

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Just finished case 5. A brilliant game. It was only marred a couple of times, when during investigation I needed to present some evidence to somebody in order for somebody else to appear elsewhere- which seemed a bit arbitry, and when

Gant tells you to look for detective goodman, but instead you have to examine the man behind him. The fact you can examine him always before that means that needed far better signposting

Otherwise flawless.

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I got this for Xmas, then my gf hi-jacked it, so I've only just started playing it in earnest.

It really is great fun isn't it? Perfect for train journeys, I get on the train, turn on the DS, look up seemingly 5 minutes later, and I'm home.

The humour is great, I've LOL'd quite a few times, especially at the "LOL" guy. But the general sense of timing, and the expressions of the characters is all just delightful.

I've just done Case 3, which went on a bit (my only criticism really), and I can't wait to crack on with it tonight. After this, PW2 and Hotel Dusk I think!

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