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Pickup Groups For Instances

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Some shining moments in the pickup world, like finding yourself with relaxed and experienced Def. spec main tank or shaman who seem to have one macro that stamps all totems and attacks and heals (He was that good) all at once. Or Finding a rogue that isn't UTTERLY obsessed by DPS..... ;)

Very few and far between though. Most pickups below lvl 50 are doomed by shit players. People need to recognize the difference between a PvP, PvE and dungeon spec for their classes and then STICK to that. They also need to not be twelve and have their head entirely up their asses. I just simply smile and try to give a little advice, or in serious cases (Warlocks insisting that using fear in dugeons is a great idea and should be quiet because i was a level lower than them) Just leave the party saying that it's not going to work out.

Guild runs are the way to go, or close groups that do instances together regularly. Anything else leaves things too open to cockmongers for me to want to go.

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In terms of shitty dungeon pickup groups its probably been 50-50. I've had some really good 10 man groups where it just clicked and you can get into a real rhythm. On the other hand there have been some terrible groups where you then start to play bad because you have no idea whats goin on.

As most people here will probably agree, 90% of all party problems are to do with loot. As soon as there has been a contentious loot some people just drag it on and on and on and on......

My best pickup 'groups' (usually just a single person) have usually been when questing. A few times ive been questing, found someone else doing the same quest and we've whizzed through entire quest tree's in a few hours.

After a fair bit of play you learn to spot the warning signs, warriors not tanking, hunters not using feign death (this bugs me, im no master at my class but some people are retarded), mages pulling etc etc. Also if someone does have a dodgy loot and doesnt give a decent excuse then you are better off just leaving, if they've done it once chances are they'll do it agian and everyone will leave anyway.

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I only did Wailing Caverns and the one in Orgrimmar (ragefire chasm or something?), and have very mixed feelings about them.

I'm quite a bad tank myself (arms/fury warrior, no shield, very bad at pulling), so I'm not the one who should complain, but at leasdt I'm fair at looting.

But in WC there were two orc hunters who were clueleSs about the 'n/g' system. Kept on rolling for staffs, cloth armor etc. After explaining it to them, they immediatly shouted 'N!1!' for every fucking drop. Why? 'Because I need the gold!'


The Orgrimmar instance didn't went much better,as we made the mistake to bring 2 level 40 players with us. They were running around, bringing mobs to us, then they slaughtered them for us. Everything was good, until they suddenly had to go.... after attracting a huge mob.

Useless to say, we got wiped by an entire army of snakes.

Instances aside, I find the pvp areas far more frustrating, the ammount of power hungry assholes you find there... incredible.

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