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Winning Eleven 9 (psp) Famitsu Score


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Its confirmed that PES5 will not have ML.

They wouldnt release one with ML a month after releasing a version without. That would be the ultimate piss-take and its us they take the piss out of normally, not the Japanese.

I wasn't saying I thought it was true.

Master League in PES5 but not in WE9?  I don't believe it.  Even by KCET's standards, that would be an unusually bizarre decision.

It's obviously not going to happen.

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Well I only said supposedly about "Master League" in PES5 psp.

It said in OPSM -


and on the Amazon site -


Scroll down to preview.

Would be stupid if they had it in PES5 and not Winning Eleven.

Sorry, didn't mean to sound accusatory - was just responding to the suggestion & saying I can't see it happening.

BTW, that OPSM preview... is that the PES5 preview that was scanned on this site a while back? The one where they have various incidents from the game and go on about how it illustrates the new features in the game? I've just remembered how when I started playing WE9 on PS2 I came to the conclusion that it's the biggest pile of bollocks preview/pr fluff ever published in a mag. All that stuff about covering defenders such as Rio mopping up loose balls because of their new covering stats... total rubbish.

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boot it with Fastloader 0.7 to bypass the UMD firmware check...

Or use the WAB Version Changer and don't be bothered by loaders and updaters ever again.

On topic: as much as I want this, I think I'll hold out for PES5 instead of getting Winning Eleven. This to make sure I can definitely play multiplayer with the locals and not have some obscure import version that can't connect with anyone.

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Am I right in thinking if I get the Asian version of this, instead of the Japanese one, I will be able to change the language to english?

Probably not, I think only some Asian games let you do that (?) but I was thinking about this too and even if that were the case the commentary would still be in Japanese and Pro Evo games do usually get some tweaks which might be worth waiting for...

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does it still have the PES4 thing where defenders (particularly full-backs) refuse to come across even if they're the last defender with a chance of stopping the forward? they just run to the goal in a straight line instead, allowing the striker a free run? I have never conceded a single goal to the CPU that wasn't a direct result of this AI flaw.

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as much i welcome views of the game, or any game, i don't think we should be discussing ways of making it run from a memory stick etc. go to psp updates forum or somewhere else. please.

Actually - the wab version changer allows 1.5ers to run the original WE9 UMD, which refuses to run 'as is' without fudging the firmware to 2.0...

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Cheers that looks good. Has English player names aswell :huh:

How do I transfer this to the PSP memory chip?

Does the value pack come with a USB cable?

Or will I need to purchase one? If so can someone point me in the direction of one, or a piece of hardware that will allow me to transfer the data (such as a memory chip reader).

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